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Tree Root Removal

Trusted Tree Root Removal Services in Dallas, Texas

If you notice a clogged drain, low water pressure, or strange noises in your plumbing system, there may be a root infiltration in your main water line or sewer line. Roots can penetrate the water line, causing extensive damage and affecting the water flow. If so, you need to schedule a repair to restore your system.

Frymire Home Services offers complete tree root removal and sewer line repair in Dallas, Texas. Using advanced technology, our certified and skilled plumbers can identify the point of penetration, remove the roots, and repair your sewer line to get the water flowing again.

Book online or call us to schedule a plumbing inspection in Dallas, Texas.

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Plumbing Camera Inspection: Pinpoint Problems With Accuracy

Finding tree roots in the system can be difficult. Older techniques involved tearing up the yard to find the problem. Today, Frymire plumber us plumbing camera inspection to pinpoint the problem with greater accuracy.

Video camera inspection is a method of using a small, specialized camera to inspect the interior of a pipe or drain. The camera is typically inserted into the pipe through a small access point, such as a cleanout or manhole, and is then moved through the pipe while transmitting a live video feed to a technician above ground. The technician can then use the video feed to see the condition of the pipe or drain and identify any blockages, cracks, or other issues.

Video camera inspection is a non-invasive method that can be used to diagnose and locate problems in a variety of pipes and drain systems, including sewers, drain lines, and vent stacks. It’s also useful in identifying the cause of the problem, like roots, debris, broken pipes, misaligned pipes and so on.

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On Time & Professional

“Chris was on time, professional but friendly and very knowledgeable. He explained what we needed to keep our A/C unit running well “at some point in the future” but was not all pushy. We have used Frymire for years and trust them to do a great job.”

David Hahn

Very Helpful

“Jose and Spencer were both very knowledgeable and helpful! They made sure to explain every detail very thoroughly in a way we could understand and were very professional. We are very happy with the service they provided and will definitely use Frymire for future AC repair needs.”

Hilary Leahy

Efficient, Knowledgeable & Friendly.

“Frymire’s plumbers did a great job for me: they sent Chance Cooper out within an hour of my emergency call to stop a leaking water heater, and Jose Garcia came out with his assistant the next day to install a new one. They were both very efficient, knowledgeable and friendly. Thank you, and I will call you again when I need service in my home!”

Patti Koning

Extremely Professional

“The Frymire team was extremely responsive and professional in responding to my need to replace my HVAC system. The technicians were very knowledgeable and did an outstanding job of keeping me informed of their progress. They also took time to educate me on the necessary maintenance steps required in this part of the country. Very pleased with their efforts to get things back to normal for me.”

Christopher Boyle

Wonderful Job

“Chance Cooper did a wonderful job. I had my baby sleeping in the living room and he was very respectful and got us taken care of without waking him! He knows what he’s doing and I definitely would recommend this company to anyone that needs a plumber, because of him!”

Jessica Hill

Very Knowledgeable

“Frymire was recommended by two of our neighbors and we were very pleased with their service. Our technician was very knowledgeable and explained what was going on with our furnace so that we could understand. He was quick and efficient and provided options to fix it, the cost, and the time it would take.”

B. Caldwell

Amazing Job

“Richard did an amazing job and was thorough. He went above and beyond with explaining and helping me understand what to keep an eye on as a homeowner. He told me everything he noticed and what he looked for. Frymire has my business for life with exceptional employees like Richard. Experience was so good I have them coming out to service my other property.”

Mark Wiseman

Excellent Service

“We’ve had issues with our shared drain line in our condo complex getting clogged on a regular basis. I called for an emergency service on new year’s eve and they showed up in 10 minutes. They explained our issue and gave us advice on how to avoid the problem next time. The price was lower than any previous plumber we’ve called. Very professional and excellent service!”

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“We discovered a sewage block in our pipes. Gilberto and his crew came as quickly as possible. Their reaction time was fantastic. They were thorough with figuring out what was happening and then quick to repair. He and his crew were friendly, professional and very caring about our job. We would highly recommend Gilberto and his crew!!”


We Use Innovative Solutions to Restore Your Sewer Line

Removing roots and repairing sewer lines requires the help of trained technicians and advanced technology. Frymire makes the job easier by utilizing high-end equipment such as:

Pipe Rodding

Pipe rodding is a method we use to clear blockages or clogs in a drain or sewer line. It involves the use of a long, flexible rod with a cutting or scraping tool on the end, which is inserted into the pipe and used to physically break up or remove the obstruction.

Water Jetting

Hydro jetting involves the use of high-pressure water streams to forcefully blast away blockages and debris from the interior of the pipes. We flush roots and other debris out of the plumbing system without damaging your sewer line.

Trenchless Line Repair

Instead of digging a trench to access the damaged pipe, we use a variety of techniques to repair or replace the pipe from the inside. This technique creates minimal disruption to the surrounding area so that you don’t have to repair your yard.

How Do I Know if I Have Tree Roots in My Water Line?

The main water line or sewer line is buried deep in your yard. As a result, you may not know there is a problem with tree roots. Look for these signs of tree root infiltration.

Reduced water pressure or flow
Frequent blockages or clogs in the line
Gurgling sounds coming from the pipes
Water backups or overflowing toilets
Visible roots or debris in the water
Moist or wet areas on the ground near the affected line

It is important to address this issue as soon as possible as roots can cause significant damage to the pipe, and can lead to costly repairs or replacements. A plumbing professional can help identify and address the issue.

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Schedule Tree Root Removal in Dallas, Texas

If your drains are overflowing and you can’t wait for draining clearing services, we can help. Our technicians are available 24/7. We will arrive on-site quickly and get to work. Book online or call us to schedule plumbing services in Dallas, Texas.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Root Removal in Texas

Tree roots are attracted to the moisture and nutrients found in sewer lines. They can enter the pipe through small cracks or joints and grow inside the pipe, causing blockages and damage.

Signs that tree roots may be causing a problem in your sewer line include reduced water pressure or flow, frequent blockages or clogs, gurgling sounds coming from the pipes, and water backups or overflowing toilets.

Yes, it is possible to remove tree roots from a sewer line without damaging the tree. This can be done using specialized tools and techniques such as hydro jetting and rodding.


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