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Mini-Split Ductless ACs in Dallas, Texas

Ductless air conditioning and heating systems are the perfect options for many homes in the Dallas area. Providing powerful heating and air conditioning with minimal space taken up, many homeowners are looking to ductless mini split systems for whole-home comfort.

A mini-split AC or heater is an effective and efficient alternative to a traditional HVAC system or furnace. They’re great for attics, basements, room additions, isolated rooms, or small living spaces where you need additional heating or cooling. Frymire Home Services can assess your home to identify areas where you need to install a mini-split air conditioner or heater.

To schedule mini-split air conditioning or heating services in Dallas, Texas, book online or call Frymire Home Services today.

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What Is a Mini-Split Heating Unit?

A mini-split heating unit is a system that allows you to control the temperature in a single room or designated living space in your home. Instead of doing a full HVAC or furnace replacement, the mini-split system acts as a supplement to your current setup. There are two main components of a mini-split heating unit.

  • Outdoor Condenser

    The outdoor condenser acts like a standard HVAC condenser in that it draws cold air from the outside, converts it from cold air to warm air, and sends the air to the indoor unit or evaporator.
  • Indoor Evaporator

    The indoor unit or evaporator distributes the cool air into your room. The evaporator allows you to fine-tune the temperature and control the blower. The entire system works via a heat pump and refrigerant line that takes the place of traditional air ducts.

When installing a mini-split heating unit, we run conduit through a three-inch hole in the wall. We typically place the outside unit as close to the inside unit as possible, keeping safety, performance, and convenience in mind.

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What Are the Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems?

Whether heating or cooling your house, here are several advantages of installing mini-split systems:

  • Energy Efficient. According to the Department of Energy, duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy consumption for air conditioning. Since mini-split systems are ductless, you regain energy efficiency and consume less overall power in your home.
  • Healthier Indoor Quality. Ductless systems have a built-in air filter. Without the additional ductwork or interference from other rooms, a ductless system can filter and distribute cleaner air into your house, giving you improved indoor air quality.
  • No Ductwork. One of the main features of a mini-split heating unit is that it’s ductless. So, you don’t have to install additional ductwork throughout the attic. Instead, the outside and inside units are connected via a small refrigerant line.
  • No Home Remodeling Necessary. Installing a mini-split heating unit is a less invasive job than installing a standard HVAC system. We simply position the outside unit where it needs to go, cut a small hole in the wall to feed the line, wire the heater to your electrical system, and hang your inside unit on the wall, ceiling, or other location.
  • Zone Cooling. Whether you have one mini-split unit or multiple units around the house, the mini-split system allows you to target the area you want to heat, giving you the same benefit as a zoned heating HVAC system. You can operate each unit independent of the other units.

Schedule Ductless AC Services in Dallas, Texas

Contact Frymire Home Services to schedule ductless AC services in Dallas, Texas. Get an in-home estimate for new installation or complete system replacements. To schedule service, book online or call us.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mini-Split Ductless ACs in Texas

What does mini-split cooling service consist of?

The answer to that question depends on the issue or project. Service can range from a quick inspection or maintenance to full repair and replacement. We will inspect your system to identify the problem and recommend the right solution.

How often should I schedule ductless service in Dallas, Texas?

Regardless of whether you have a new system or an old system, you should schedule heating service at least once a year, just before summer. Ideally, a technician should perform service in March. It gives you time to get your system ready if you have any major problems.

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Trust The process! If you’re experiencing issues with your home Frymire makes it easy to schedule online!
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