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Leak Detection Services in Dallas, Texas

Nearly every plumbing emergency involves a water leak. Once the water escapes the pipes, it can spread quickly, causing extensive structural damage. The source of the leak can be impossible to locate if it’s hidden behind the walls, behind an appliance, or under the flooring. So, contact Frymire Home Services if you need to find a leak fast. We offer leak detection services in Dallas, Texas. 

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Our Texas-certified plumbers utilize advanced technology, such as plumbing video camera inspection, to locate and diagnose leak problems inside the pipes. We also use non-invasive methods to find leaks in hard-to-reach places. Regardless of the scope or complexity of the job, we can locate the leak and reseal or replace your pipe or fixture. Contact us today for an in-home assessment. 

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Leak Detection Services We Offer in the Dallas Offer

We offer a full range of leak detection services in Dallas, Texas, to accommodate any plumbing emergency or job you have in mind. Some of our most common services include

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks result from a loose connection or a damaged pipe. Older pipes may suffer from corrosion. Before we repipe any part of your plumbing service, we find the water leak and pinpoint the cause. From there, we determine if we can repair the pipe. If not, we can replace it and restore your plumbing system, leak-free. 

Fixture Leaks

Fixture leaks can be difficult to fix due to the complex designs of faucets, shower heads, and garbage disposals. The leak often tells us if we can repair the fixture or if you need a full replacement. In most cases, leaks occur due to bad seals in the fixture. In other cases, there may be a damaged part or a crack in the fixture. 

Slab Leaks

Slab leaks occur as a result of persistent water pressure through the concrete. The concrete slab may have a large crack in it. Due to drilling or impact, there may also be a hole in the slab. Sometimes the surface ages, allowing water to penetrate. We offer leak detection and slab leak repair to stop the water leak anywhere in your Texas home. 

Drain Leaks

Drain leaks can occur deep in your plumbing system, making them hard to identify and reach. Whether it’s your sink drains, main drain, or sewer drain, Frymire Home Services can find any leak in your plumbing system and seal or replace the drain. We prevent further leaks from damaging your foundation or basement or flooding your yard. 

Check Out the Benefits of a Plumbing Video Inspection Camera 

A plumbing video inspection camera is an advanced tool that involves inserting a video camera into the sewer or drain line. We view a video screen connected to the camera to find and diagnose the water leak inside the pipe. There are several benefits of using an advanced video inspection camera.

  • We pinpoint the leak with accuracy.
  • We identify the source or cause of the leak.
  • A video inspection camera is a non-invasive method of finding water leaks.
  • We may discover other issues in your plumbing.
  • A camera saves us time and saves you money in labor costs.

While some leaks leave obvious clues, others aren’t easy to find. Measuring how much cable went down the pipe before spotting the leak allows plumbers to diagnose pipeline problems and calculate the leak’s location accurately. The faster the plumber can find the leak, the better for you. Undetected and untreated plumbing leaks cost money and seriously damage your home.

If You Noticed These Signs of Water Leaks, Contact Us Right Away

Fixing a water leak is a time-sensitive issue. The more the water flows through your house, the more structural damage it can cause. So, if you notice signs of a water leak, contact Frymire Home Services right away for leak detection services. Some of the most common signs of water leaks include:

  • High water bills
  • Low water pressure
  • Mold or mildew
  • Water stains
  • Sagging ceiling or floor
  • Strange plumbing noises
  • Soaked yard
  • Bad odor or sewage smell

Schedule Leak Detection Services in Dallas, Texas

Don’t let a water leak damage your home. Call Frymire Home Services when you have an emergency with your plumbing system. We offer leak detection services in Dallas, Texas. We can find the leak and fix it right away to prevent further water damage. Contact us for an in-home assessment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Water Leaks

What should I do if I discover a water leak in my home?

If you discover a water leak in your home, try to find the source of the leak. Next, try to cut off the source of the leak. Turn off the shut-off valve or main water line. Afterward, clean up and contain the water as much as possible. Last, contact a plumbing company in Dallas, Texas, to fix the water leak.

Should I repair or replace a plumbing part when there is a water leak?

It depends. Some plumbing components such as a fixture, shower head, toilet, appliance connection, or garbage disposal have parts that we can replace. However, cracked pipes, broken connections, or extensive damage may require repiping or a replacement.

Signs of a Water Leak in Your Dallas, TX Home

As we mentioned above, water leaks are often difficult to locate without the assistance of a professional. There are, however, certain warning signs you can watch out for. For instance, a spike in your water bills is a sign that something is amiss. Of course, your water bill will fluctuate from month to month, but you should never see a sudden increase with no explanation.

Water leaks are also sometimes indicated by a drop in water pressure. There are a number of reasons this might happen — including work on your municipal water line. However, if you do notice it, it’s best to give our service professionals a call.

One last tip we have for determining whether you have a leak is to turn off all your water appliances, and then keep an eye on the water meter. If it continues to run, that means water is still leaving the system and you have a leak somewhere.

Don’t Neglect Plumbing Leaks

The above-mentioned indicators are a good way to decide if you should call for more precise water leak detection services. However, they aren’t the end of the problem. We need to find the precise location and nature of the leak in order to fix it. If you neglect the signs of a leak in your plumbing and fail to get it fixed in a timely manner, then you can run into a number of nasty issues.

For instance, water leaks in Dallas, TX, can rot out the area around the pipe. This will cause damage within your property, which will cost you even more to fix up. Homeowners often don’t notice leaks until they’ve already created a large moldy spot on a wall or floor. This is why it’s so important to give us a call at the first sign of trouble.

Common Causes of Leaks

We see many causes of leaks in the region, but the following are the most common our plumbers come across:

  • Pipe corrosion
  • Damaged seals
  • High water pressure
  • Sudden and drastic temperature changes
  • Unresolved drain clogs
  • Damaged joints
  • Excessive water pressure
  • Loose connections
  • Tree roots

Preventative Maintenance of Your Plumbing Systems

Preventative maintenance of your plumbing systems will go a long way toward keeping your water bill under control and protecting your home from damage. It’s easy to do and will help ensure that minor problems get caught before they become major issues.

The following are some simple preventative maintenance tasks that you can perform in your home:

  • Remove and clean showerheads of sediment.
  • Drain the water heater and remove sediment (annually).
  • Inspect the burner chamber within your water heater to confirm you have a blue flame.
  • Inspect hoses for cracks and brittleness.
  • Promptly fix a leaking or dripping toilet or faucet.
  • Clear slow drains.
  • Inspect pipes for damage and signs of leaks.
  • Be very careful what you flush down the drain.

Comprehensive Water Leak Detection Services in Dallas, TX

Locating the exact source of a leak in a residential plumbing system is not a simple task. You’ll need professional expertise and equipment for the job to be done right. This is why you should call Frymire Home Services for your water leak detection services.

No matter how seemingly minor the leak is, we can find it and fix it up for you. We’ll ensure that your plumbing system stays in good shape and that we help you live to “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Leak Detection

Why do I have to check my burner chamber?

Your flame should be blue. If it’s yellow, it indicates incomplete combustion caused by either an air inlet that’s blocked or because the burner is out of alignment. This can produce excess carbon monoxide, which can be a deadly problem.

Is it possible to find leaks I can't see?

Plumbing leaks can occur deep within your pipes. Even when you can’t see the damage, it can leak into your walls, beneath slabs, etc. Fortunately, modern camera technology allows our plumbers to locate leaks deep within your pipes, with an accuracy rate exceeding 90%.

Will a small leak get worse?

Small problems become big issues if they are left unresolved. We always recommend catching and fixing leaks as soon as possible.

Do I really have to replace polybutylene pipes?

There is no legal requirement to replace polybutylene pipes. But, if you don’t, you’re asking for trouble. Polybutylene pipes will wear out and leak, often suddenly. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you replace any of these pipes that you have in your home.

Do you have more questions about leak detection, clogged drains, or other plumbing issues?

Contact Frymire Home Services at 469-346-4999. It’s our pleasure to tell you more about how we protect your home from leaky pipes.

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