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Drain Snaking in Dallas, TX

When faced with a stubborn kitchen or bathroom clog, don’t despair — they happen to everyone at some point or another! Clogs occur when food, debris, hair, grease, or soap scum accumulate in the drain or pipe. They can also happen if a pipe has become corroded, was incorrectly sized/installed, or if another type of damage has occurred somewhere along the line. Clogs are a common household issue that can be resolved quickly by contacting a professional plumber and scheduling drain cleaning or drain repair service. Frymire Home Services has been offering first-rate plumbing services to the Dallas, TX, area since 1950. Our licensed and experienced team can diagnose the cause of your clog and get your sinks back in business in no time.

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Common Causes of Drain Backups

The number of times we mindlessly turn on the water for sink use goes unnoticed until water starts to back up, filling the sink with the old, dirty remnants of the kitchen or bathroom drain. Our Frymire Home Services team can help you understand the potential reasons for the backup and offer you timely solutions. Some common reasons a kitchen sink will back up include:

  • Dishwasher drain hose obstructions
  • Clogged kitchen sinks
  • Garbage disposal problems
  • Blockages further down the line (like a tree root)

Diagnosing the cause of a backed-up drain is often not a DIY job. Hiring a professional can ensure that your minor clog doesn’t become a major clog. Or, conversely, if it is a major clog, contacting a professional helps you get ahead of serious issues such as broken pipes, leaks, flooding, and water damage. Engaging the service of a plumbing professional also gives you access to the accuracy a video pipe inspection offers.

Video pipe inspection allows our expert plumbers to identify and locate pipe issues that need repair without digging up any pipes to examine them. Preventative drain cleaning services with video pipe inspections are recommended annually to discover pinhole leaks and other issues that could distress your plumbing system.

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What is Drain Snaking?

Drain snaking helps remove hard-to-reach obstructions from common household drains. The process involves inserting a long, pliable cable with a hooked end (auger) down the drain until it hits the obstruction. Twisting the auger allows the user to hook the clog and extract it from the drain — in theory. While some clogs can be successfully treated with a DIY drain snaking process, they can introduce bigger, more expensive drain issues if done incorrectly. Drain snaking that applies too much force can damage pipe coatings that prevent corrosion. Furthermore, using improper force can chip off the pipe coating and worsen the clog issues. Cracks or rusting pipes can lead to leaks, bursts, and pipes that need replacement sooner than they should.

Drain snaking can be an effective method for unclogging a kitchen or bathroom drain but should be performed by a professional to prevent pipe damages. Contact Frymire Home Services at 469-346-4999 to schedule a plumber today!

Why Frymire Should Be Chosen Over the Competition

When you need drain cleaning or drain repair services, enlisting a professional can make all the difference. Frymire Home Services offers our customers over 70 years of industry experience in the Dallas area. Our team delivers plumbing services that stand out from all the rest. Frymire Home Services technicians are licensed and trained to service all types of sink models and materials. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Dallas and a service guarantee behind all our work. Our 20,000 reviews speak to our trustworthy service and impeccable skills.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning and Repair

How often should you get your drains cleaned?

Annual drain cleanings allow homeowners to stay ahead of drain issues and problems. Drain cleanings are especially important in older homes and in cases of slow-moving drains.

Should you snake a drain by yourself?

No! Drain snakes can easily break through pipes or cause other damages when used with improper force. You should always call a professional for drain clearing.

Are commercial liquid drain cleaners okay to use?

Liquid drain cleaning products have corrosive ingredients that use powerful chemical reactions to get rid of minor clogs. Exposure to these chemicals can be dangerous, and regular use can worsen issues.

Contact trained, professional plumbing contractors at Frymire Home Services to schedule drain or sewer cleaning in Dallas, TX! We guarantee 100% satisfaction with your results until we call the job done! 

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