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Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

If your home is like many throughout the Dallas, TX, area, it uses a ventilation system made up of metal and plastic ductwork. This ductwork snakes its way through walls, floors, and your attic space to carry conditioned air from your ventilation system to the various rooms in your home, and then draw the air back into the system through return ducts.

It’s easy to forget about this network of air ducts since it’s mostly out of sight. However, ignoring the condition of your ducts would be a mistake, since they accumulate layers of dust and other debris over time.

Eventually, dirty ductwork creates problems for your HVAC systems’ efficiency and reduces air quality. Contact Frymire Home Services for quality air duct cleaning and see how we keep our promise of “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

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Air Duct Cleaning from HVAC Professionals

You may be wondering how bad something like a layer of dust could be inside your air ducts. The truth is, your ductwork will collect more than just a little dust. Contaminants in the ductwork can negatively affect your HVAC system after just a year of building up.

The more debris that gets caught in the ducts, the easier it is for more to build up. This places resistance against the airflow from your HVAC systems and makes the comfort system drain more energy to work.

Soon, you’ll notice your utility and repair bills rising just because of “a little dust.” The collection of dirt, carpet fibers, dust mites, dander, and any other pollutants in your ductwork can reduce the quality of your home’s air, but regular cleaning removes this major source of airborne contaminants.

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Cleaning Air Ducts Is Not a DIY Project

If you think you can handle cleaning your ductwork on your own, we advise you to reconsider. Accessing your entire ventilation network on your own will prove difficult. Plus, you won’t get the results you need by just feeding a standard vacuum cleaner hose down an open vent cover.

Cleaning air ducts should be left to the professionals — professionals with high-end equipment such as special power vacuums, brushes, and agitators to completely clean out a home’s air ducts.

For a professional, this job takes a minimal amount of time, but the results will greatly improve your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency.

Air Duct Cleaning FAQs

How Often Should You Schedule Ductwork Cleaning?

We advise our customers to have their ductwork cleaned about every three to four years. For some homes, the amount of time may be different. Contact our team for a more specific answer regarding scheduling.

If you’ve never arranged for air duct cleaning in your home before, you’re almost certainly overdue for this service. In addition to thorough duct cleaning, Frymire Home Services provides quality duct repair and replacement, and many other indoor air quality services.

How Do I Know If My Air Ducts Need To Be Cleaned?

Here are some signs it’s time to get your air ducts cleaned:

  • You haven’t changed your air filters in months
  • The registers & vent covers have visible dust
  • You detect mold in or around your HVAC system
  • Airflow is not consistent from room to room
  • You can hear noises in the ductwork

How Are Air Ducts Cleaned?

Our ductwork cleaning services begin by identifying cracks and leaks and areas inside the ducts where debris and dust have built up. Our HVAC specialists then attach the vacuum system to the ductwork to remove the debris as it is loosened.

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