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Indoor Air Quality Services in Dallas, TX

The air that flows through you home, moving from your ventilation system supply ducts into the various rooms, and then back through the return ducts, is filled with millions of tiny particles. Many are harmless, but many others aren’t. In fact, the quality of your indoor air may actually be poorer than the air quality outdoors – this can have a big impact on the health of your HVAC system, as well as the health of your family.

The harmful contaminants seeping into your Dallas, TX home can include pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold spores, and even volatile organic chemicals. You may think that your home is clean, but without the right indoor air quality products and services, it can actually be quite unhealthful. Fortunately, Frymire Home Services has just what you need to improve your air quality. Remember, “You Always Win with Us” Simply give us a call to schedule service on indoor air quality systems in Dallas, TX and the surrounding area. We’ll help you find the system that works for your family and your home.

Is Your Dallas, TX Home Suffering from Poor Indoor Air Quality?

As we mentioned above, the air quality within your home can be worse than that of outdoors—in fact, it could be three to four times worse! One reason for this is due to the heavy insulation and heat sealing that is included on residences during construction.

This is highly beneficial to your HVAC systems, which work more efficiently as a result, but not so great for your home’s air quality, as air cannot properly vent out of your home. If you find members of your family are getting ill or suffering from allergies while at home, or even if you notice property damage caused by too much or too little humidity in the home, then you may have compromised indoor air quality.

How to Improve Air Quality

People often ask what the best way is to approach all of the various indoor air quality troubles they may be suffering from. But the fact of the matter is that it depends on your specific home and needs. You may need multiple indoor air quality systems and services. Fortunately, we have numerous solutions available to you, and our service professionals are happy to assess your unique situation in order to advise you on the best next steps.

For instance, your home may have problems with moisture extremes (too much, or too little) and could benefit from a professional installing a whole–house humidifier and/or dehumidifier. There are also methods to bring in fresh air without making your heater or air conditioner suffer. To learn more about ways in which to improve your home’s air quality, give our staff a call!

Your Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Want to know more about the air quality systems and services we provide? Take a look below:

  • Air Duct Cleaning: This is a service you should invest in every few years to ensure that the dust and debris within your ductwork isn’t damaging your HVAC system or potentially making you and your family ill.
  • Air Filtration Systems and Air Purifiers: The right air filtration system or air purifier can target specific problems, such as dust and dirt or even microorganisms that can exist within your ductwork.
  • Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers: The relative humidity level in your home should be roughly around 30%–50%. Anything lower or higher than these percentages can impact your health and comfort.
  • Heat and Energy Recovery Ventilators: These systems allow you to get fresh air into your home without opening a window during the heat of summer or dead of winter, when you are relying on an HVAC system to keep comfortable.

The right combination of indoor air quality products and services can go far in improving your comfort, the condition of your property, and even your health. For indoor air quality experts in Dallas, TX, simply reach out to our team! We’ll help you out with an estimate on indoor air quality services for your home. Call our team today to learn more about our EASE Comfort Program or to schedule indoor air quality services.

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