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Air Conditioning in North Dallas, TX

While we do certainly see some cold weather during the winter, the majority of the year in North Dallas, TX greets us with warm, humid temperatures. And for that, it’s vital to have a fully functional and efficiently operating air conditioner in place.

Summers can be brutal here—so whether you need a new air conditioner installed or some other air conditioning service for an existing cooling system, we know you want that service fast. That’s why you should call Frymire Home Services. We provide quality air conditioning services, including 24/7 help, as we know an emergency never happens at a convenient time. Contact us today and see how we live by our motto of, “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

Know Your AC System Options

We offer a variety of systems and AC services to help you find the best cooling solutions for your home. Below are some of the systems that we work with:

  • Central Air Conditioning: Central AC units are still very popular amongst homeowners throughout North Dallas, TX and beyond. This is because they are far more efficient than their window or portable unit predecessors. Whether you’re looking for a brand new system or to replace your existing failing AC system, a central AC system could be a great choice for you.
  • Heat Pump: Not only can you enjoy air conditioning with this unit, you can also enjoy heating. This 2–in–1 system is essentially an air conditioner that can change the direction in which it moves heat, switching between moving heat out of your North Dallas, TX home and back into the house.
  • Ductless System: No ducts? No problem! Ductless systems allow you to get whole–home cooling, but without the bulky ductwork that accompanies it. A ductless system is a great option for larger homes—particular multilevel houses—and for homes that cannot accommodate the installation of ductwork.

When you schedule your AC installation with our team, you can count not only on a job done right the first time, but you also have our 1100 day guarantee on your AC equipment. Speak to one of our service professionals today for more details!

Comprehensive AC Services

Did you know that air lost through breached ductwork could significantly impact your cooling bills? Even dirty ductwork can make it hard for your cooling system to effectively do its job. This is why we offer a variety of services beyond your standard AC installation and repairs, in order to make sure your whole home is performing effectively.

For instance, if you have holes in your ductwork we can assess them and find out for you whether you need duct repair or if duct replacement would be more advisable. We also provide air duct cleaning as well as thermostat services, to ensure you are using your system as efficiently as possible.

Reliable AC Repairs

In our desert climate, any air conditioner failure can wreak havoc on your comfort, and even your health. As a result, when a problem does arise you want to make certain it’s resolved as quickly as possible. The service professionals at Frymire Home Services will ensure that this is the case—we are ready and willing to help you in solving any AC problems that might come up when using your system.

And don’t forget—the best way to fend off the costliest of repair needs is by scheduling routine maintenance. For a conventional air conditioning system, you’ll want to have this service scheduled once a year. For heat pump systems, because they cool and heat your home and are used year–round, you’ll want this service twice a year.

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