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Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Is Your Water Safe to Drink?

Most people assume water coming from the city supply is safe to drink. You might often fill up a glass of water right out of the tap without even thinking about it. Even if you use a filtered pitcher or a filter attached to the end of your faucet, you still use your tap water when brushing your teeth, or perhaps even taking a vitamin in the bathroom.

Is this water really safe to drink, though? We let you know what may be lurking in your water supply in today’s guide. Schedule water testing in North Dallas, TX with our team to know for sure!

The Water Treatment Process

The city water supply goes through a thorough process before it ever reaches a home:

  • Coagulation to neutralize dirt and particulate,
  • Sedimentation, which allows floc to settle to the bottom of the water,
  • Filtration, which keeps additional fine dissolved particles such as dust and bacteria out of the water, and
  • Disinfection, the adding of chlorine or chloramine to protect your drinking water from germs.

In addition, your utility may add fluoride to the water for healthier teeth in the community. This may seem like a pretty complete process, but it’s not always so.

What May Still Be in the Water

Most municipalities still have allowable measurements of many of the top contaminants you don’t want in your drinking water. For example, the city may decide that a small amount of arsenic, lead, or metals meet their standards, as set by the U.S. EPA.

In addition, many people object to the chlorination of water before it reaches the home, as chemicals in water are often under scrutiny. Besides, some bacteria may still make it through to your home!

Systems That Can Help

We highly recommend that you have your water tested and find a filtration system that suits your home’s needs. There are several systems available for whole-house usage:

Talk to your local plumbers for your water testing and to find the right fit for your home!

We provide water filtration services in North Dallas, TX. Frymire Home Services: A Higher Degree of Comfort.

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