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Is Now the Time to Replace That Old AC?

Is Now the Time to Replace That Old AC?

Winter is at its end, but that doesn’t mean temperatures will become sweltering in the next few days. There’s still plenty of time left until summer hits. One way to use that time wisely is by checking in on your air conditioner: it just might be time to have it replaced! Of course, AC repair in Forth Worth, TX is a viable option, too, but there are some cases where repair might actually be worse than replacement. Allow us to explain.

Repair or Replace?

Every year, just before you plan to use your air conditioner, we suggest that everyone have their air conditioners given a maintenance a check. This will be able to fix any potential problems, as well as ensuring that you’re getting the best possible efficiency for your system. It’s a nice way to give your AC a “fresh start” for the season.

However, if your AC is too old, having it maintained or repaired might not do any good for it in the long-run. It might be better simply to have it replaced! When it comes down to it, it’s all about which is the most cost-effective action. Here are some ways you can tell:

How old is your system?

Before taking any signs or symptoms into consideration, the first thing you should do is assess how old your system is. An air conditioner that’s over 10 years old is not going to have the same potential for efficiency that it once had. Having repairs or maintenance done will end up costing more than it actually saves.

While 10 years old is when you should start keeping a close eye on your AC’s costs for performance, it’s very possible you won’t have to replace it until after 15 years if it has been properly maintained throughout its life.

AC cooling bills are set to rise

If you have records of your previous years’ AC spending, now is a good time to pull them out. If you can spot a rising trend of energy expenses despite getting regular maintenance and keeping your cooling habits the same, you could be looking at the mark of a declining air conditioner. While you might be able to squeeze satisfactory performance out of the AC, the gradually rising cost should have you looking into new options already.

Repairs are becoming ordinary

“Have it repaired?” you say. “But I already got repairs for it just last year!” In that case, it might already be time for replacement. For an AC under 10 years old, the occasional need for repairs is no big deal. But if the need for repairs keeps arising for an AC older than that, then it might be time to have it replaced.

We don’t suggest having your AC replaced just on a whim, however. We suggest working with a qualified HVAC technician to give it a thorough inspection and to help make that decision for you.

Contact Frymire Home Services today to schedule a maintenance check for your air conditioner. We can help you find out how much life is left in it. Frymire Home Services: A Higher Degree of Comfort.

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