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When Is the Best Time for A Duct Cleaning?

For most HVAC services, there’s rarely any harm in having a particular service done at a particular time of year. For example, there’s no reason you can’t get heater maintenance during the middle of the summer (we would actually recommend it).

Duct cleaning is no different, but if we had to give you our advice about when you should have it done, we’d say right before winter, possibly even before fall. Allow us to explain.

First, What Is a Duct Cleaning?

A duct cleaning is a thorough wiping and vacuuming of all the dust and dirt that accumulates inside your HVAC system’s ductwork. It’s performed by a professional, with a special set of tools to match.
When your HVAC system is powered on, it circulates air through your home. Things like dust and dirt will inevitably be carried through the air. A portion of that dust and dirt ends up inside the ductwork itself, only to be blown back out periodically.

Since the average homeowner isn’t able to get inside their ducts to clean them every week, you can bet that a couple years’ worth of accumulation is a significant detriment to your air quality and HVAC performance.

Why Is It Best Before Winter?

Now don’t get us wrong—you can get a duct cleaning in North Dallas, TX at any time of year. If you’ve owned your HVAC system for three years and haven’t had a duct cleaning yet, we urge you to get it immediately. After that, scheduling it just before winter is good for several reasons:

  • Your immune system is compromised in the cold weather. Reducing the number of contaminants in your air circulation will keep your family healthy and your home a haven against the illness found outdoors.
  • To prevent your furnace overheating. Both ACs and heaters need to be cleaned—and stay clean—in order to keep functioning properly. With furnaces, however, the presence of heat is all the more dangerous. Anything you can do to prevent your furnace from accumulating dirt and dust will help prevent it from overheating or creating the risk of a fire.

Other Ways to Keep the Air Clean

Duct cleaning is only the first step to keeping your air circulation nice and clean. If you’ve had your ducts cleaned and still feel that your air isn’t as healthy as it could be, then it might be time to add on an air filter or purifier.

Air filters can help trap dust, dirt, pet dander, and other contaminants that would otherwise end up in your ducts.

Air purifiers work similar to filters, but because they clean the air with an electronic ionization field instead of a mesh screen, they can actively eliminate contaminants. They can even eliminate smaller particles such as those found in chemical pollutants.

And for the ultimate in defense against sickness, you should consider a UV air purifier. These purifiers use a UV light to kill microorganisms such as mold spores, viruses, and bacteria.

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