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4 Steps to Boosting Your Air Quality

How’s your home’s air quality treating you?

You might not think of it this way, but air quality is a huge part of your indoor comfort. For example, if you or a family member regularly live with allergies and asthma attacks in the home, you might be able to bring relief by improving air quality.

Even if you aren’t susceptible to these air quality problems, the causes of poor air quality can sometimes be linked to lowered efficiency in your HVAC system. In other words, fixing these air quality issues could actually save you money.

In this post, we’ll go through four steps you can take to start cleaning up your air.

1. Have the Ducts Cleaned

First and foremost, let’s get those ducts clean. There’s little point in taking a shower if you’re just going to get back into dirty clothes, right? Likewise, bolstering your home’s air quality with filters and purifiers is less effective if the ducts are still full of dust and dirt. A dirty HVAC system will simply recirculate all the contaminants your home has collected.

A thorough duct cleaning will clean the ducts, sure, but it will also clean up the sensitive components of your air conditioner and furnace. Make sure that your air quality expert in North Dallas, TX understands the importance of both.

2. Get Your Air’s Quality Tested

Next, it will help to get a thorough analysis of the contaminants and pollutants in your home’s air space. This is going to give you a good idea of what kind of indoor air quality issues your home faces. From there, you can know exactly what kind of air quality improvements to make.

For example, having a pet means your HVAC air filter could be getting clogged with pet dander. It can also reveal whether you have mold growing in your home. Bringing these issues to light must be done before you go installing various air quality devices and systems.

3. Install Air Filters and Purifiers

Now that you know what kind of contaminants are floating in your home’s airspace, an HVAC technician will know which purifiers or filters to install in your home. Both filters and purifiers do a great job of cleaning your airspace, but they use different methods. Rather than choosing one or the other, it’s best to let an air quality expert install them through the home strategically.

4. Control Your Home’s Humidity Levels

How’s the humidity in your home? Typically, summers are too humid, and winters aren’t humid enough. Ideally, you want to strike a balance with humidity. That can achieve a couple of things for you:

  • Improves comfort: If you’ve ever lived through a humid summer or dry winter, you know exactly what we’re talking about.
  • Reduces the likelihood of catching illnesses: Your respiratory system is more vulnerable to infection when humidity is too high or too low.
  • Can raise efficiency: Humidity levels can make you feel warmer or colder than you actually are. Correcting humidity in the home can help reduce your dependence on your AC or heater.

Got the sniffles? You might need to raise your air quality. Contact Frymire Home Services today to schedule a service.

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