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Consider a Smart or Wireless Thermostat

Being completely honest and upfront here, you might not need a smart or wireless thermostat. At the very least, however, you really should get a programmable thermostat. These are a step above the basic digital ones. Instead of having to change your thermostat in the morning and night manually, these ones will do it for you. Introducing automation—and removing human error—is the first step in running a highly efficient HVAC system.

However, being completely honest and upfront, a smart thermostat can give you a nice boost in monthly energy savings. We’ll explain further down below:

Energy Conservation is Programmed Into Them

Smart thermostats are made specifically with convenience and energy conservation in mind. The way they do this is by analyzing your behaviors and then adapting to it. In other words, the thermostat is “learning” what you do and acting accordingly. You can program your smart thermostat to act in favor of your comfort, or toward better energy saving goals.

  • Learns by keeping track of when you change the temperature to understand your habits.
  • Can sense when you’re not home, automatically shutting itself off when not in use.
  • Some can be programmed with sensors to turn on or off when windows and doors are closed or opened.

Remote Controllable From Any Smart Phone or Computer

This is primarily a feature of wireless thermostats, but smart and wireless thermostats do have some overlap in their features. Controlling your thermostat through the internet gives you new opportunities for comfort or savings.

  • Use a smartphone app or website to control your thermostat from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Remote controls give you greater flexibility over your schedule. Turn it off if you won’t be home when you expected, or turn it on earlier if you want to come home to a cool or warm house.
  • If your thermostat is not the learning type, this freedom of control is a good compromise.

Heating and Cooling Spending Reports

With a normal thermostat, there’s no telling how much energy you’ve used up to this point. It’s simply about “using it less” and seeing if your next energy bill supports your theory. However, this rarely works, as evidenced by the fact that many air conditioning repair calls in Frisco, TX are due to surprisingly high energy bills. So, what if you could see your energy usage before it gets to that point?

A smart thermostat with the right features will keep track of your energy usage for you, allowing you to stay in line with your energy saving goals. It also means no more surprises.

This kind of thermostat will be able to show you precisely how you’ve been using your cooling and heating up to this point. Throughout the month, you can check your progress to see how well you are (or aren’t) keeping up with your goals, and adjust your behavior accordingly.

Is a smart or wireless thermostat just the thing you need to get your savings on track? Contact Frymire Home Services today to request an estimate!

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