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My Air Conditioner Turns On and Off Right Away

My Air Conditioner Turns On and Off Right Away

When your Dallas cooling system kicks on, you expect a rush of cool, comfortable air to dispel the heat in your home. What you don’t expect is the feeling of disappointment and confusion that can be caused by the unit kicking right back off again. If you’re dealing with this exact problem, then this post is for you! Follow along while the expert AC repair contractors at Frymire Home Services clue you into what’s going on, and what can be done about it.

Why Is My AC Turning On and Off Rapidly?

When a cooling system starts its cycle but then fails to complete it, shutting off before your home gets adequately cool, this problem is called “short-cycling.” Short-cycling can be caused by a variety of issues:

A Dirty Air Filter

Luckily for many, the most common cause of short-cycling is a simple airflow clog caused by a dust-caked air filter. When an air filter is too dirty, it drastically reduces airflow in the cooling system, which can cause the system to quickly overheat during operation. When the system overheats, it will shut its cycle down in order to protect itself.

Air filters should be changed every one to two months, depending on the quality of the filter, in order to avoid this problem. If left alone for too long, the dirty filter could leave the whole unit coated in debris, which means you’ll need professional AC maintenance to get the problem resolved completely.

Dirty Outdoor Unit

A dirty outdoor compressor unit can also impede how your unit handles heat. This will mean overheating and poor cooling efficiency, as well as increased costs and performance issues. We recommend cleaning the outdoor unit annually at least, which is most easily done with the help of a trained technician. You can help to keep the outdoor unit free of debris by using a hose to run water over the fins when the unit is off.

Refrigerant Leaks

When a cooling system leaks refrigerant, it will actually continue to attempt operating normally. Problem is, without sufficient refrigerant present in the refrigerant line, your air conditioner will freeze itself, as the refrigerant process can’t complete as it normally would. This will lead to a heavy layer of frost and ice forming on the evaporator coils, which will lead to short-cycling.

If you suspect a refrigerant leak, you’re going to need to call on a professional for AC repair. Never attempt to fix or rig a leak! Refrigerant can be harmful in open air, and your system will not function correctly until the refrigerant that was lost has been replaced.

An Oversized Air Conditioner

An oversized cooling system will do its job almost too well. If the unit is too large, it will blast your home with cool air, bypass its targeted thermostat setting, and then shut back off. This means your home never gets cooled thoroughly, meaning you’ll waffle between chilly and hot very quickly.

Call On Frymire Home Services to Repair Your Short-Cycling AC in Dallas!

Short-cycling is a serious problem that will lead to higher energy costs, terrible home comfort levels, and a shorter life span for your cooling system. But the problem is a common one, and it can be taken care of by an experienced professional. Frymire Home Services has been providing leading air conditioner installation, repair, and replacement to homeowners for years.

Need AC repair? Call 469-346-4999 or contact us online to schedule service any time! 

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