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Frymire Gives Back: HVAC Experts With Heart

Suffering through the Dallas summer heat is hard enough with a functioning air conditioning system. But for new homeowner Patonia Rhule, her summer was made all the more uncomfortable when she was forced to live without AC for two weeks. Despite making multiple service calls to her home warranty company, Patonia’s air conditioning repair needs remained unmet, forcing her and her family to live in a hotel to find relief.

At Frymire Home Services, our team is dedicated to helping the Dallas community remain comfortable when it counts. Our HVAC professionals jumped at the opportunity to provide Patonia with the air conditioning repair experience that she (and every Dallas resident) deserves.

The Problem: Patonia’s AC Needed Repair

After buying a new home in 2021, imagine Patonia’s disappointment when after only a few months, the air conditioning unit failed during the peak of summer in Texas. Relying on her homebuilder and home warranty company for help, the two entities failed to apply fixes to her AC despite four separate repair requests and seven different service visits. Working from home full-time, Patonia needed a fast solution to her problem. Instead, she was left to pay $400 out of her pocket to live in a hotel to escape the insufferable heat in her home.

The Solution: Free Air Conditioning Installation

The Frymire team was connected to Patonia through a mutual acquaintance, and we jumped at the opportunity to help our new neighbor beat the heat. Our team arrived within 24 hours of being notified, bringing in three window units as a temporary fix while we diagnosed the larger issue. After running a diagnostics test, our team determined that the system installed by the homebuilder was drastically undersized.

A few days later, our team removed the old AC unit and installed one twice as powerful, finally allowing Patagonia to enjoy the cooling comfort she deserves. We also redid her ductwork to ensure maximum efficiency and performance. While this sort of job would typically cost around $11,700, our team was happy to take on the project free of charge as our way of giving back to our new neighbor.

Experience the Difference at Frymire!

Frymire is committed to providing outstanding customer service and supporting the community that we know and love. From the charities and causes we support throughout the Dallas region to the extensive knowledge and service selections our staff offers, we are deeply committed to serving the people that make Dallas such a wonderful place to live. We’re thrilled to have been able to help out a fellow Texan in need and look forward to providing Patonia with an annual AC inspection to ensure her system is working as it should!

Have an air conditioning emergency on your hands? Call Frymire at 972-913-2881 to schedule AC repair in Dallas!

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