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Should I Forget About My Ducts and Go With a Ductless System?

Should I Forget About My Ducts and Go With a Ductless System?

The classic central AC and furnace setups use ducts: the ventilation system that transports cooled or heated air through to all the rooms of your home. It’s a fast and effective way of treating your entire home with air.

Yet, if you’ve heard of all the wonderful benefits of ductless mini split heat pumps, then you know that they do away with the ducts entirely. This comes with its own benefits and makes for an attractive option… but what are you supposed to do with your ducts, then? The real question becomes: “Should I just forget about my ducts in favor of ductless?”

We can help you find the answer below.

Ducts: Are They a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

After reading that introduction, you might be asking yourself if ducts are good or bad, or if they’re outdated or inefficient. We can say with certainty that that’s not the case. Ducts are merely a matter of preference.

Benefits of a duct system include:

  • Whole-House Air Treatment: Ducts are great for providing heating and cooling to your entire home at a low cost. Going ductless would mean having to install one ductless system for each room, and that cost can add up.
  • Compatible With Indoor Air Quality Products: Having a duct system allows for the installation of humidity control devices, purifiers, filters, and heat and energy recovery ventilators. Without a duct system, these systems can’t be installed.
  • Duct-Systems are Usually Less Expensive: Systems that do use ducts—such as central air conditioners or heaters—are much less expensive to install than a ductless system.

Ductless: Is It Really Worth It?

The thing about ductless systems is that their benefits are truly substantial. They can drastically improve your monthly energy savings, and they’re even a bit lower-maintenance than duct systems.

Some of the benefits of a ductless system include:

  • No Need for Duct Maintenance: Ducts can fall into disrepair after several years, and that requires everything from cleaning, to repair, to replacement. If not, it can lead to serious inefficiencies that can drive up your costs.
  • Built-In Zone Control: Each air handler has its own set of controls, meaning you can enjoy various temperatures throughout the home. Depending on how you use it, it can maximize your efficiency or your comfort.
  • Impressive Energy Savings: One of the biggest selling points for ductless heat pumps is their efficiency, alone. This is especially true in the cold seasons—heat pumps warm your home much more efficiently than a furnace (and it eliminates the risks of carbon monoxide and gas leaks).

The Bottom Line

You can only find a right or wrong answer when considering your current HVAC system and your home comfort needs. By talking with an expert of air conditioning services in Fort Worth, TX, you can save yourself a lot of time. They’ll help you find the best options while considering what you need in a heating or cooling system.

Take the time to find the right HVAC system and get in touch with an expert! Contact Frymire Home Services today.

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