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Is Duct Cleaning Really Beneficial?

You may have received a phone call or unsolicited email/text message offering you low-cost duct cleaning services. If you dismissed this as a scam, you’re not far off. The people who claim they can give the ductwork in your house a thorough cleansing for an ultra-low price can only offer such cut-rate costs because they don’t clean your ducts with anything more powerful than a few vacuum cleaner hoses pushed into duct registers.

But while these unsolicited offers are rip-offs, duct cleaning from professionals isn’t. Having the ductwork cleaned every four to five years is beneficial in several ways. You just have to make sure you call a true licensed HVAC expert for these duct cleaning services in North Dallas, TX.

The Advantages of Real Duct Cleaning

At Frymire, we always aim to provide the highest level of service, and this includes duct cleaning. When you have us take care of this job, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • A more efficient HVAC system: As your AC, heater, and central fan run during the year, dust and lint start to adhere to the inside of the ducts. Once a small layer of dust accumulates, it will trap even more dust and debris. After only a year, this buildup will begin placing resistance against airflow. If the ducts are left without cleaning for a few years, the effect on the efficiency of the HVAC system can become drastic and energy bills will climb. Professional cleaning returns ducts to “like new” and allows air to easily flow again.
  • A healthier HVAC system: The large buildup of dust and other debris inside the ducts can result in some of it getting into the HVAC cabinet. This can quickly “sicken” your AC and heater, not only lowering efficiency but also damaging parts. The higher friction on dusty motors often leads to motor burnout.
  • A cleaner home: When ducts are left dirty for years, the HVAC system circulates large amounts of dust around the house, leaving layers across furnishings and floors. When duct cleaning takes away this huge reservoir of dust, you’ll enjoy a house that’s easier to keep sparkling clean.
  • Better indoor air quality: All the dust those dirty ducts are circulating around the living spaces of a home will also lower air quality. This can be horrible for people with allergies or asthma. Professional duct cleaning makes for healthier for everyone.

Schedule Regular Duct Cleaning

If you haven’t arranged for professional duct cleaning in five years or more, the time to schedule the service is now. We also recommend it if you notice warning signs of clogged up ducts: much higher utility bills, a dusty home, burnt-out HVAC motors. When in doubt, open up a vent in a room, reach into it with a digital camera, and see if the image shows something like a clogged car air filter. If it does—duct cleaning time!

You always win with us, because if you are not 100% satisfied with our services, then our work is not done. It’s that simple. We’ll do everything to make you a loyal customer!

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