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Don’t Ignore These Noises from Your Heater

Occasionally, heating systems can unexpectedly malfunction, from operating normally day and night to suddenly not functioning. However, such occurrences are relatively rare. A furnace typically exhibits warning signs indicating an imminent breakdown unless there is a sudden electrical component failure.

Frequently, these warning signs manifest as unusual noises. Alongside these atypical performances, the noise itself assists in identifying the underlying issue. Today, we aim to illustrate the possible meanings behind these noises and emphasize the significance of promptly contacting technicians when they arise. Ignoring these furnace noises is not recommended!

1) BANG!

You turn on the thermostat, and after a minute, you hear a “bang” or a popping noise before the fan turns on. No matter what you read online, that banging noise is not something to take lightly! You probably don’t have to worry about the furnace exploding or catching fire. However, the “bang” likely is an explosion of sorts.

This noise is typically caused by delayed ignition. Instead of starting immediately, dirt on the burners causes them to struggle to light immediately, which means gas builds up. A mini explosion takes place once the burners finally do light, and this can rattle the heat exchanger and cause it to form a crack. A cracked heat exchanger leads dangerous, toxic carbon monoxide to leak into the home, so never ignore this potential safety issue.

2) Squealing

A squealing sound from your furnace or the vents might not be a significant issue. And, to be honest, it’s not the most severe problem that could occur! It’s probable that the blower fan motor requires lubrication or that the fan belt is worn out or improperly aligned. However, if left unaddressed for an extended period, the fan may cease functioning when needed, leaving you without heating!

3) Scraping

You might perceive this noise as metal scraping against metal; chances are that’s exactly what it is. At first glance, it may not seem like a major concern, but there’s more to it. You may also observe a decrease in airflow and slower heat distribution through your vents. The probable cause is that the blower fan has become dislodged from its mount, resulting in friction against the bearings and producing a scraping and screeching noise. The compromised fan speed can lead to overheating the furnace, causing premature shutdown.

4) Rumbling

Attention to even the slightest sounds is crucial, especially regarding a low rumble from the furnace area. This particular noise could indicate a problem if the pilot flame is too low. If you have the knowledge and capability, inspect the furnace to ensure the flame is blue rather than orange or yellow. If the flame does not exhibit a blue hue, it is imperative to turn off the system immediately and contact a technician. Ignoring this issue could pose potential dangers.

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