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Frymire Food Drive

  The Frymire Home Services team is grateful for over 70 years of service to our amazing Dallas community and beyond. We believe giving back is an important responsibility that we take very seriously. That’s why the Frymire team is…

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Should I Use Liquid Drain Cleaners?

One of the most common plumbing emergencies is a clogged drain. Homeowners looking for a DIY quick fix often turn to liquid drain cleaners to conquer a clog or slow drain rather than having a professional plumber properly address the…

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Indoor Air Quality in Schools: Teacher’s Checklist

Children spend a large part of every weekday at school, so creating a healthy environment is paramount to their learning and general health. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) warns that indoor air is two to five times more polluted than…

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DFW Frozen Weather Tips

Is there no hot or cold water flowing through your home’s plumbing system? With the extremely cold temperatures and weather hitting the Dallas-Fort Worth area lately, it’s likely that your pipes are frozen. Unfortunately, if your pipes are already frozen,…

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Why Is My Water Heater Leaking from the Base?

If your water heater’s tank is leaking from the bottom, your first reaction might be panic. No one wants to have to replace their water heater unexpectedly, and the majority of homeowners aren’t financially prepared to purchase a large appliance…

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AC Not Maintaining Set Temperature

Dealing with a malfunctioning cooling system is never a good time. You’re hot, frustrated, and ready to lose your cool! But before you go off the deep end, know that there are some very simple solutions for dealing with an…

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