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DFW Frozen Weather Tips

DFW Frozen Weather Tips

Is there no hot or cold water flowing through your home’s plumbing system? With the extremely cold temperatures and weather hitting the Dallas-Fort Worth area lately, it’s likely that your pipes are frozen. Unfortunately, if your pipes are already frozen, there is little you can do until the weather warms up and your lines thaw out. However, we do have some preventative steps you can take to avoid the hassle of a frozen plumbing system.

Tips for Preventing a Frozen Plumbing System

Consider these preventative tips from the Frymire Home Services team to help protect your pipes from freezing:

  • Run lukewarm water in areas where you see the line is frozen.
  • Make sure you are dripping both cold and hot water at your fixtures to prevent your lines from freezing.
  • Make sure you have an insulated covering on your outside faucets (hose bibbs).
  • Maintain a warm temperature at your thermostat.
  • Open your cabinet doors below your fixtures to warm your lines with the latent heat from your home.

Despite the difficult weather we are facing, you should NEVER attempt to heat your plumbing lines, as this can cause them to burst, leading to more significant and costly damage. It’s also important to remember that when you do not have heat, hot water, or electricity, there is nothing a plumber can do until power is restored.

For scheduling or questions regarding your home’s plumbing system, please contact the Frymire Home Services team at 972-913-2881.

Currently, we are only booking life-threatening heating and plumbing emergencies during these difficult conditions.

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