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Leak Detection Now Can Save You From an Emergency Later

Leak Detection Now Can Save You From an Emergency Later

Nobody wants things that leak. A leaky pen? You’ll end up with ruined clothing. Leaking food storage bags? A messy fridge. Leaking oil from the car? You may end up with a dead engine.

So when we tell you that leaking pipes aren’t good for your house, you probably need no convincing. You already know you don’t want pipes that leak. It can mean water damage, mold and mildew, damage to valuable possessions, and high water bills.

Here’s something you may not know: your household plumbing could be leaking in secret. Leaks from the pipes inside the walls and floors of your house, or down in the foundation slab, often don’t show obvious signs for weeks or months. They work under the radar, doing damage without you realizing it—until things get bad and you have to call an emergency plumber in Arlington, TX.

This Is Why Leak Detection Is Invaluable

We have excellent plumbers who can fly to your assistance whenever you run into a plumbing emergency. We offer 24/7 emergency repair work because we know how often our customers need it. But we also want our customers to avoid scrambling for unscheduled repairs or dealing with the damage leaks can do before the plumbers reach you. We offer leak detection services to help our customers stop emergencies and the consequences of hidden leaks.

Homeowners often schedule leak detection when they have reason to believe leaking is occurring somewhere in the house. There are several clues to watch for that may mean hidden leaks:

  • Water usage on your monthly bills that seems higher than it once was
  • The water heater turns on and off at odd times (leaks in hot water lines)
  • Spots of discoloration on walls and ceilings
  • Sound of running water where it shouldn’t be
  • Mold and mildew making mysterious appearances on walls and corners
  • Bumps under the carpet or warped floorboards

Our plumbers can quickly get to the bottom of these warning signs to see if you have leaks in the plumbing. You can also do an easy test yourself. Check the water meter reading and write it down. Then stop using water in your house for an hour and shut off all water using appliances. Re-check the meter. If it’s gone up… strong chance of a leak. Get our plumbers on the job.

Even if you see no warnings of hidden leaks, we strongly recommend scheduling leak detection as a routine service ever five years. If your home is more than 50 years old and has never had extensive repiping, you may want to increase the frequency of detection services. (Or you can ask our plumbers about repiping.) The number of homes in the US with hidden leaks is high, and it’s best to take precautions against not only future plumbing emergencies, but also water waste. If every home in the country that needed it had leak repairs done, it would add up to billions of gallons of water saved.

Turn to Frymire Home Services when need a great emergency plumber in the Dallas-Ft. Worth Area. You always win with us.

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