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Maximizing Heat Pump Efficiency for Summer and Winter

Maximizing Heat Pump Efficiency for Summer and Winter

Beyond the installation, the true game of owning an HVAC system is all about lowering monthly operational costs. While heat pumps are already notorious for their efficiency, the efficiency rating is just one factor of the entire efficiency equation.

Whether it’s by taking advantage of the heat pump’s features, or through changing your own usage habits, there are plenty of ways to increase your efficiency. We’ll cover just three of them in today’s post.

1. Take Advantage of Ductless Heat Pump Functionality

If you own—or plan to own—a ductless heat pump, you should take advantage of their most unique feature: The fact that they’re made of multiple, individually controlled units. While this functionality is advertised as being able to help you maximize your comfort, you can always do just the opposite and use that functionality for performance. For example:

  • Only power on the units that need to be on. If you have children who are at school most of the day, be careful that they don’t leave their bedroom units running.
  • Don’t use the bedroom units until bedtime. It’s often better to sleep in colder temperatures than warmer ones, so they won’t require as much heating in the winter.

2. Adhere to a Heating/Cooling Schedule

Regardless of the type of air conditioning in Carrollton, TX that you own, you can see great benefits through programming heating and cooling schedules. Adjusting your thermostat according to how you feel at the moment leaves a lot of room for inefficiency, so even a basic schedule will help you see some better savings. From there, you can gradually tweak the program to reach higher efficiency goals.

One way to do that is by programming temperatures that are as close to the outdoor temperature as possible. This relieves some of the burden on your heat pump since it won’t have to work as hard to fight against the outdoor temperatures. It might not seem comfortable for the first few days, but it has been shown that people are fully capable of adapting to temperatures that are a few degrees outside of their comfort zone.

3. Use Ceiling Fans

You might be surprised to find that ceiling fans are a great way to help improve efficiency. And we don’t mean by turning off your heat pump and letting the fan do all the work!

When used properly, a ceiling fan can help reduce the need for your heat pump. This is even possible during the colder seasons.

A ceiling fan’s job is to blow air around the room. During summer, it helps cold air feel cooler by giving you the sensation of a breeze. During winter, you can switch the fan blades to run in the opposite direction, which will help the heated air rise and provide more even heating. In either season, using the ceiling fan will allow you to reduce the usage of your heat pump by a few degrees.

Want more efficiency tips? A professional would be happy to speak with you. Contact Frymire Home Services today!

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