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Are Your Ducts Beyond Repair?

Are Your Ducts Beyond Repair?

The ducts are the tunnels of vents that send cool and warm air around your home. It’s hard to imagine why they would need to be replaced. After all, how much damage could they take if all they do is help blow some air around?

In this post, we’ll help explain a few reasons for how and why your ducts might fall beyond repair.

Bad Installation

One common reason for ductwork to be simply beyond repair is due to a bad job from the very beginning. Although your ducts are bound to degrade over time, it can certainly be accelerated if they were installed poorly.

Reasons for a bad installation could include the choice of low-quality duct materials. Flexible duct materials, in particular, are far from indestructible and can develop leaks and tears in their materials over time. If your ducts are metal, then the adhesive sealants used to hold them together might become weak.

It’s also possible that the ducts were designed badly. The point of the ducts is to get the air from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. However, if there are too many sharp turns and bends in the ducts, this can compromise their effectiveness.

The last reason is insulation—or a lack of it. Certain parts of the home are naturally going to be warmer or colder than others throughout the year. If there isn’t sufficient insulation in these spots, the air inside the ducts can have its temperature changed. That means the precious air you’re pumping out isn’t reaching the proper temperature by the time it enters your rooms, and that’s going to extend the amount of time the AC or heater has to work.

New Air Conditioner

Technically, this one has nothing to do with whether your ducts are eligible for repair.

If it’s time for a new air conditioner, replacing the ducts is just a smart thing to do. The reason is that your ductwork was installed according to the power and size of the air conditioner installed in the first place!

To prevent needing to call in for AC repair in Arlington, TX, air conditioners need to be installed according to the size of your home, the climate, how many windows are in the house, how well insulated your home is… the list goes on. The objective is to consider as many factors as possible that might affect the efficiency of your new AC unit, and then to install an AC with enough power to match. Likewise, the size and design of your ducts are part of this equation.

If you’re installing a new air conditioner, it will most likely be more efficient than the one you’re replacing, and that might warrant the need for brand new—or at least revisited—duct system. After all, your ducts will have accumulated dust and some minor leaks over years of constant use. Having it replaced with a brand-new system will ensure that your new AC has a clean start.

Is it time to have your ducts replaced? Contact Frymire Home Services for a Higher Degree of Comfort.

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