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The Heat Pump: A Superb HVAC System

The Heat Pump: A Superb HVAC System

The world of HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is full of terms that, in all honesty, you don’t need to know. Unless you’re a heating and air conditioning technician, HVAC terminology is something that only the professionals need to know inside and out, as only they have the training and experience to repair and maintain all of the complex components.

There is, however, one HVAC system we think any homeowner should know of, especially if they live in a relatively warm climate like ours. The heat pump is an HVAC system unlike any other because it’s actually a heating and cooling system in one.

Heating and Cooling with the Same Components

When we say a heat pump is a heating and cooling system in one, you might picture a standard air conditioner with a furnace in the same cabinet. But this isn’t the case. For the most part, a heat pump has all of the same components of a central air conditioner, but a few extra.

To understand this, you may have to understand how an air conditioner works first. A central air conditioner uses refrigerant to move heat. Heat is absorbed from the heat indoors as a fan blows over the indoor coil and refrigerant evaporates. That heat is then released at a coil outdoors as refrigerant condenses. The cycle repeats as the indoor coil cools off, and the air blowing over the coil cools before moving into the home.

A heat pump works in the exact same way, with the addition of the reversing valve.

The Reversing Valve Allows for Heating

The reversing valve allows the refrigerant to change direction. When the reversing valve kicks in, along with a few other valves, the refrigerant can absorb heat from the air outside of the home and transfer it to the indoor air for warmth.

You may think that this wouldn’t work when temperatures dropped outdoors. But even as temperatures approach freezing, there is some level of heat in the air. The refrigerant evaporation begins a thermodynamic process that allows for heat to transfer to the air efficiently.

What Makes a Heat Pump So Special?

When you need a new air conditioner and heating system, we cannot recommend a heat pump highly enough. The fact that a heat pump combines heating and cooling into a single cabinet is a perk in terms of maintenance, but the benefits go beyond this.

The main advantage is most noticeable for those who have used electric heating systems in the past, and spent a lot of money. Electric heat pumps don’t have to generate heat like electric furnaces do, which means they don’t require so much energy. Moving heat from place to place is a less energy-intensive process.

You’ll notice the savings over many other types of heating, and the benefits for the environment are also a plus. Heat pumps are great for the summer as well, with efficiency ratings matching or rivaling traditional central AC ratings.

For heat pump and air conditioning services in North Dallas, TX, call Frymire Home Services: A Higher Degree of Comfort.

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