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Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dallas, Texas

Dirty air ducts can cause problems in your home, including health problems, poor HVAC performance, and dust buildup. Unfortunately, most homeowners do not realize their air ducts are dirty since they are not in plain view. Frymire Home Services offers air duct cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. We can give your ductwork a fresh start, creating a cleaner environment in your home.

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We utilize advanced equipment combined with extensive training to remove harmful dirt and pollutants from your ductwork, allowing clean air to circulate throughout your house. We can also inspect your air ducts for loose connections or tears in the ductwork and repair them to prevent dirty air from getting in. Contact Frymire Home Services today for an in-home assessment of your air ducts.

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Just How Dirty Are My Air Ducts?

HVAC specialists recommend professional air duct cleaning at least once a year. However, many homeowners may live in a house their entire life without scheduling a single cleaning. The result is air ducts that carry significant amounts of unwanted, health-threatening pollutants such as

  • Dust and dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Pet and people hair
  • Mold and mildew
  • Fungi
  • Insects, rodents, and other pests
  • Bacteria and viruses
  • Chemicals and VOCs

If you ignore the ductwork, you create an unhealthy environment that can contribute to health issues such as chronic coughing and sneezing, asthma, allergies, headaches, fevers, rashes, and hives.

Although HVAC filters and air filtration systems do a good job of filtering out pollutants, they cannot account for the dirt trapped inside the ductwork. The only way to remove the dirt is by scheduling professional air duct cleaning in your Texas home. 

Our Air Duct Cleaning Process

Step 1. Pre-inspection

Once we arrive, we inspect the air duct system, check all the access points to the ductwork, assess its condition, and choose the best cleaning technique for your home. 

Step 2. Dirt and Debris Removal

Afterward, the technician positions the vacuum collection unit to create negative air pressure in the air duct. This method ensures that dust, dirt, and other debris do not spread through the house and collect in the vacuum collection unit. Our technician agitates the walls of the duct work, taking out the pollutants like dust, dirt, pollen, bacteria and other icky stuff stuck on the duct walls.

Step 3. Final Walk-through Inspection

Once we complete the vacuum process, we perform a final air duct inspection to ensure we capture all dirt and debris. From there, we operate the HVAC system and test the vents’ air. 

Benefits of Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Clean air ducts have many benefits in homes, restaurants, offices, and any indoor air-conditioned space, including:

  • Fewer impacts from dirt, pollen, mold, debris, and fine particles in the air.
  • Elimination of viruses and bacteria that can potentially contaminate buildings.
  • Improvement in allergy/asthma symptoms and reduced sick days at work.
  • Increased efficiency of HVAC equipment and longer operating life.
  • Avoidance of inconvenient, costly breakdowns of A/C systems.

Professional cleaning services employ advanced equipment and techniques that effectively remove contaminants, sanitize your ducts, and deodorize indoor air. Technicians can safely inspect for clogs, damage, and design issues and use professional-grade vacuum systems to clear out debris.

Schedule Air Duct Cleaning in Dallas, Texas

Air duct cleaning is one of the most effective ways to purify the air in your home. When you need professional cleaning, contact Frymire Home Services. We offer complete air duct cleaning services in Dallas, Texas. Contact us today for an in-home assessment and get an estimate.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Air Duct Cleaning Services

How do I know if my air ducts require professional cleaning?

There are several signs that your air ducts are dirty and need professional cleaning, including

  • Dust and debris clogging the ductwork.
  • The air filters get dirty faster than usual.
  • You smell a bad odor coming from the vents.
  • You see mold in the HVAC system or around the vents.
  • You have unexplained health problems – specifically respiratory problems.

What does air duct cleaning include?

Air duct cleaning means having all your duct systems, including the supply, intake, and return vents cleaned using professional air duct cleaning equipment. In addition, air duct cleaning may include cleaning the registers, grills, fans, the HVAC unit, and the furnace if you have one.

What should I do if my air ducts are damaged?

A damaged air duct draws dirty air from the attic into your ductwork, making it dirtier. If you notice a loose or damaged duct, you should contact an HVAC technician in Dallas, Texas, to fix the problem. Sealing the ductwork preserves the air inside the duct.

Thorough Air Duct Cleaning from HVAC Pros

You may be wondering just how bad something like a layer of dust could be inside your air ducts. The truth is, though, that your ductwork will collect more than just a little bit of dust. Contaminants within the ductwork can start to negatively impact your HVAC system after just a year of building up. And, the more debris that gets caught in the ducts, the easier it is for more to build up. This places resistance against the airflow from your HVAC systems, and makes the comfort system drain more energy to work.

Soon, you’ll notice your utility and repair bills rising, just because of “a little bit of dust.” The collection of dirt, carpet fibers, dust mites, dander, and any other pollutants inside your ductwork can adversely affect the quality of your home’s air, but regular cleaning removes this major source of airborne contaminants. Contact us today to learn more!

Cleaning Air Ducts Is Not a DIY Project

If you think that you can handle cleaning your ductwork on your own, we advise you to rethink. Accessing your entire ventilation network on your own will prove difficult. Plus, you aren’t going to get the results you need by just feeding a standard vacuum cleaner hose down an open vent cover.

Cleaning air ducts is something that should be left to the professionals—professionals with high–end equipment such as special power vacuums, brushes, and agitators to completely clean out a home’s air ducts. This job, for a professional, takes a minimal amount of time, but the results will greatly improve your indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency.

How Often Should You Schedule Ductwork Cleaning?

We advise our customers to have their ductwork cleaning done about every 3 to 4 years. For some homes, the amount of time may be different. For a more solid answer regarding scheduling, simply contact our team and ask.

If you’ve never arranged for air duct cleaning in your home before, then you’re almost certainly overdue for this service. In addition to thorough duct cleaning, Frymire Home Services provides quality duct repair and replacement, and a number of other indoor air quality services.

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