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Heating, Air Conditioning, and Plumbing Services in Flower Mound, TX

If you are seeking a qualified and highly skilled plumber or HVAC technician in the Flower Mound, TX area, then you’ve come to the right place. The service professionals at Frymire Home Services are among the best in the industry. We all stand by our motto of "A Higher Degree of Comfort," which means that you’ll be sure to receive quality services, whether you’re looking to schedule and HVAC installation, plumbing repair, or are curious about any of the products we offer. Contact us today!

Don’t Trust an Amateur for Your AC Repair Services

Do you know what can happen when you hire an inexperienced professional or an overenthusiastic "do–it–yourselfer" to handle your air conditioning repair needs? Well first off, you may end up with more repair needs than you started with. Be sure to contact our professionals if you suspect anything is wrong with your cooling system. Failing to contact a pro means that the repair might not be done correctly.

Know Your Options for AC Installation and Replacement

Do you currently have a central AC in your home, providing comfort throughout our very long summer season and beyond? If you’re thinking about having it replaced any time soon, you don’t have to go with the conventional central cooling system. We have a number of options, from the year round heat pump to the ductless system, if your duct system is in poor shape. Contact us today to learn about our various options.

Rely on the Pros for All Heating System Installations or Repairs

What size heater do you need for your home? You’re probably thinking, "the bigger, the better!" Unfortunately, this is not the case. A furnace system that is too large for your home will go through a process called short cycling, where it rapidly turns on and off. This will cause increased wear and tear on the system that no amount of repairs can fend off.

Speaking of repairs, however, if you are in need, we are the team to turn to. Signs of a heater in distress include noisy operation such as squeaking or clanging, or uneven heating throughout your Flower Mound, TX home.

Do You Know the State of Your Flower Mound, TX Indoor Air Quality?

We want you to have great air quality. That’s why we offer a number of indoor air quality products and services. For instance, the right dehumidifier will help when there is too much moisture in your home–causing the development of unhealthy mold and mildew. We also provide services such as duct cleaning, to disallow contaminants from entering your indoor air to begin with.

Plumbing Services You Can Count On–Even in an Emergency

We know better than anyone that when a plumbing emergency happens, it is rarely–if ever–at a "convenient" time. Not to worry though, Frymire Home Services is on your side. We offer superior emergency services to make sure you get back on track in your home as quickly as possible.

Do You Need Water Heater Services?

Our team installs and services all types of water heater systems, including tank, tankless, and heat pump models. The high efficiency water heaters we install live up to their reputation, bringing you reliable hot water at an affordable price. Our team is committed to ensuring that the water heaters we install and service operate as safely and efficiently as possible, and we will work with you to find the right system for your home.

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