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Professional HVAC Services in Bedford, TX

Tired of having to look to separate companies for your HVAC and plumbing services? Look no further than Frymire! You can rely on us for all your home needs, from heating and cooling services to kitchen and bathroom plumbing. Rest assured, you’ll never be without help as we also offer 24/7 emergency services.

Get everything you need from one reliable source — Frymire! Give us a call at 469-346-4999 to schedule a service.

Heating Services in Bedford

While northerners may think it’s warm all year round in the South, we certainly know that’s not the case. When winters coast at around 40 degrees, you’ll want to be sure to have reliable heating to keep cozy and warm. So when your heater is on the fritz, here are the heating services we offer:

Don’t get caught up in winter without reliable heating for your Bedford home! Schedule a heating service with Frymire at 469-346-4999 or schedule online.

Air Conditioning Services in Bedford

Summers down here in the Lone Star State can be tough without air conditioning — we’re talking 100-plus-degree weather out here! But not to worry because, at Frymire, our team will have your AC system up and running in no time. Our air conditioning services include:

Ask about our indoor air quality services when scheduling an AC installation, repair, or maintenance service. Call now at 469-346-4999 or get an estimate online.

Plumbing Services in Bedford

At Frymire, we understand that a properly functioning HVAC is just one part of your home. That’s why we also provide comprehensive plumbing services for your bathroom and kitchen! Whether you have a slow drain or a leaky faucet, Frymire is ready to handle the job. These services include:

Unclog your drains, tighten up leaks, and keep your day going smoothly with trusted plumbing services from Frymire! Dial 469-346-4999 to schedule a plumbing service!

Get All Your Plumbing & HVAC Needs With Frymire!

With our 24/7 emergency services, you can relax knowing that if ever something unexpected happens to your Bedford home — whether it be an underperforming air conditioner, broken furnace, or a leaky water heater — we’re here for you. Never again choose between getting HVAC and plumbing services when you can get both in one place!


Why is my home not getting cold even though my AC is on high?

This problem can be due to a number of factors, such as having low refrigerant levels, dirty filters, or faulty motors. Schedule a repair service so a professional can find the root of the problem.

Why is my water temperature fluctuating?

Water temperature fluctuations can result from water heater failure, a pressure balance valve malfunction, or not having the right sized water tank for its intended usage. Scheduling a water heater service is sure to fix this issue.

My thermostat is on, but why am I not getting any heat?

A possible cause can be a malfunctioning furnace or an electrical wiring issue between your heating system and thermostat. Our highly trained professionals can find the cause of the issue and have it squared away in no time.

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