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HVAC Services in Addison, TX

Your heating and cooling systems are essential for your comfort. But, when they stop working, it can leave you with frosty toes or a hot temper. Regardless of the weather outside, the team at Frymire Home Services has you covered. We guarantee superior service, exceptional quality, and reliable results you can depend on every time.

When you need HVAC repair, installation, or maintenance in Addison, contact Frymire Home Services to schedule your heating or air conditioning system service.

Heating Services in Addison

Texas temperatures may be warm most days, but chilly winter days aren’t that unusual. Frymire Home Services can help ensure your home is ready when the temperature drops. Our heating services include:

Contact us online to schedule an appointment or ask about our heating services in Addison, TX.

Cooling Services in Addison

Summers in Addison are hot and humid. At Frymire Home Services, our certified HVAC specialists ensure your cooling system is ready to go the next time a heatwave blows through town. Our services include:

  • Air conditioning installation: Frymire Home Services can install air conditioners in new construction or replace your existing system. We will help size your system, prepare the installation site, and test everything when the installation is complete.
  • Air conditioning maintenance: Our preventative maintenance program helps you enjoy optimal performance and reliable operation year after year.
  • Air conditioning repair: Our expert HVAC technicians use their knowledge and tools to quickly diagnose and repair any air conditioning problem in your Addison home.

For superior air conditioning services in Addison, contact Frymire Home Services today to speak with our agents and schedule an appointment.

Plumbing Services in Addison

We provide a comprehensive range of plumbing services for homeowners in Addison, including:

  • Plumbing repair: We can repair faucets, pipes, appliances, and more. Whether we need to replace a pipe or repair a fixture, our certified plumbers have the tools and expertise to get the job done!
  • Sewer and drain repair: We can locate and remove clogs, seal leaks, replace pipes, and perform all the services required to keep your sewer and drain running smooth.
  • Water heatersOur certified plumbers can install, maintain, or repair traditional water heaters.
  • Tankless water heatersWe can help you properly size and install as many tankless water heaters in your home as you desire!

Why Choose Frymire Home Services for HVAC and Plumbing Services in Addison?

A higher degree of comfort is our goal, and we strive to deliver it to all our clients in Addison. Since 1950, we have grown our business, providing superior work quality, exceptional customer service, and honest, reliable advice to our clients in Texas.

When you want HVAC or plumbing service you can depend on and advice you can trust, contact Frymire Home Services in Addison!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will R-22 be available?

It’s hard to say, but they are starting to thin out. If you’re still using R-22, you will want to upgrade within the next couple of years.

How many years will my air conditioner last?

Most modern air conditioners will provide between 10 and 12 years of reliable performance, depending on how you use it and how well you maintain it.

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