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$93 or It’s Free Drain Clear with Free Camera Inspection

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$93 or It’s Free Drain Clear with Free Camera Inspection

Experiencing a clogged drain? Frymire proudly offers a no-gimmick $93 or It’s Free drain clear with a free camera inspection. How does it work? Schedule service and we will dispatch a licensed drain specialist with the necessary tools to handle the job for you. If we are unable to clear your sewer line using the standard method for this offer, you will not be obligated to pay the $93. Our licensed drain expert will make any necessary recommendations for next possible steps and will only proceed with your approval

$93 or It’s Free Drain Clear Conditions:

  • With approved, ground level cleanouts to the main sewer line
  • Homeowner must be present at the time of service to review camera footage.
  • Warranty is void if roots are present. If recommended repairs are not completed on damaged lines, or in the event non-flushable items (i.e. grease, feminine products, wipes, paper towels, toys, etc.) are found to be the reason for the stoppage.
  • Property must have approved, accessible cleanouts. If digging to access the sewer line is required, pulling and resetting toilets, and rooftop access will incur additional fees.
  • This $93 offer is only applicable to single-family residences and light commercial properties not connected to septic systems.
  • If issues are discovered during the camera inspection, our licensed plumbing technician will provide sewer repair or sewer replacement estimates at no additional cost to you.
  • The customer is responsible for the service call fee.
  • One time use only.

Expires 07/31/2023

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