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Tank Water Heaters in Dallas, TX

If we had to guess what type of water heater you have in your home, it’s probably a tank water heater. Most homeowners throughout Dallas, TX and the surrounding communities are utilizing this type of water heater, and for good reason. Even with new technologies introducing other efficient water heater models, the traditional storage hot water tank is still an effective way to ensure that your household has its water heating needs met.

If you’re looking to have a tank water heater installed or replaced, or you need to schedule a repair or maintenance appointment for your existing system, then you can count on Frymire Home Services. We provide thorough water heater services to meet your needs and keep you living to “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

Should You Get a Gas Water Heater or Electric Model?

When you plan to have a new tank water heater installed, you’ll be faced with a number of options. One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make is what energy source your water heater will use. The two most common are natural gas and electricity. Electric water heaters are beneficial in that they use an energy source available in all homes. Gas water heaters, though, are less expensive to run and tend to heat up water faster.

The right choice for your specific household will come down to a number of factors. Get in contact with our Dallas, TX water heater experts and we’ll help you with the choice before you schedule your installation or replacement service.

Does Your Tank Water Heater Need Repair?

The stress of maintaining heat for the water inside its tank, and keeping it ready to go at all times, can eventually create operating problems for your tank water heater. Keep reading to learn some of the signs that your tank water heater needs repair, as a result.

  • Drop in Water Volume: When it seems like the hot water level in your home is lower than normal—for instance, more members of your household are going with cold showers in the morning—it typically means that a broken dip tube or some other malfunction needs to be repaired.
  • Odd Sounds from the Tank: A rumbling noise coming from inside the tank is typically a sign of possible overheating or the mixing of cold and hot water—both issues that need prompt addressing.
  • Leaks: There’s no time to waste when you see water puddling around your water heater’s tank—give us a call right away.

Reliable Tank Water Heater Services in Dallas, TX

The expert plumbers at Frymire Home Services are skilled with handling the installation, replacement, and repair of various water heaters. We also provide regular maintenance service, which is the best way to prevent your tank water heater form declining early and needing to be retired long before it should.

Maintenance also helps keep your system form draining unnecessary energy, running into any number of malfunctions, and allows our service professionals to check the anode rod—the component responsible for absorbing rust that would otherwise impact the interior walls of your tank water heater.

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