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Of all the issues that can have a negative impact on your water quality, hard water is among the most popular. It’s so common, in fact, that many homeowners accept it as a part of everyday life. But the professionals here at Frymire Home Services disagree. You deserve the best in water quality, and a better quality of life than hard water can give you.

If you notice any of the ill effects of hard water in your home, contact our service professionals to discuss the professional installation of a water softener. When you use a water softener in the Dallas, TX area, you’ll see the benefits quickly, and in a number of ways.

Just remember that it’s important to schedule your installation and services with an experience team. Contact us! We’re dedicated to helping you live to “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

What Is a Water Softener System?

This is actually a fairly simple concept. Sodium chloride—salt—is used to treat hard water that is making its way through your plumbing system. Hard water is that which contains high levels of minerals—namely calcium, magnesium, and iron.

As this hard water passes through the softener, it goes over a collection of resin beads. This creates an exchange of ions, as the resin beads attract the minerals that are in the water and replace them with sodium ions. The minerals are flushed out of the softener with a salt brine once the beads are saturated, and then the process starts again.

Is Hard Water Harmful?

Hard water is not actually unhealthy to ingest. In fact, it won’t impact your health at all. However, what it does impact is your quality of life, as well as your plumbing. Hard water is what leaves that white spotty residue on your glassware and dishes straight out of the dishwasher. It’s what leaves you feeling dry and your hair feeling slimy when you step out of the shower. It’s also what makes your clothes fade and degrade in the washing machine far quicker than they normally would.

Have you ever noticed a white or yellow buildup on your shower heads and drains? This is another result of hard water. Sure, you can go buy some heaving duty cleaners and remove the residue—but the same effects of hard water you see on the outside are occurring on the inside, too. To truly address this problem, you need to nix the store bought cleaning solutions and instead invest in a whole–house water softener system.

Turn to Us for Professional Water Softener Installation and Service

Now that you understand how it is that a water softener works, it’s important to understand that water softeners must be installed and serviced by professionals with adequate experience and knowledge. Though the water softening process itself is fairly straightforward, the installation of a whole–house water softener is complex enough that only a trained plumber can handle it.

The last thing you need is an improperly sized or poorly matched water softener being installed in your home. Whether you’ve never had a water softener before, of you have an old one that’s broken down or is incapable of providing you with the performance quality it should, you can schedule your whole–house water softener installation or replacement with our team. And should you ever need repairs or maintenance, you can count on us for that as well!

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