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UV Water Purifiers in Dallas, TX

There are a number of contaminants that are able to enter your home’s freshwater plumbing supply. Most of them seep through the ground and can enter the municipal pipes in the Dallas, TX area that carry water from a treatment plant to your home. That makes these pollutants pretty hard to avoid, unless your home is equipped with a professionally installed UV water treatment system.

Among the most harmful types of impurities that is found in water, and pretty frightening to hear about, are bacteria and microbes, which can enter the water from fertilizer in the ground, among other sources. Since these pollutants are minuscule in size, they often escape standard water filters.

Contact Frymire Home Services today so we can set you up with ultraviolet water treatment and keep the bacteria at bay.

How Do Ultraviolet Water Purifiers Work?

Perhaps you’ve already heard about how useful ultraviolet irradiation is in medical facilities and other buildings where sterilized air is vital. UV rays, while at this level not harmful to us, are deadly to organic microorganisms, and when used in the right amount can eliminate pollutants of this kind. The same principle of UV purification in air can be applied to water.

UV water treatment is simple in concept. A light sends UV rays out, which bathes the water that enters your home. The rays disrupt the cellular function of microbes, bacteria, and other organic impurities, either killing them or making them unable to reproduce. UV water purification is one of the safest ways to eliminate unhealthy contaminants from your drinking and potable water.

Professional Ultraviolet Water Purifier Installation

Before committing to the installation of a UV water purifier, you’ll likely want your water tested to ensure that you are treating the right water quality problem. This is a service that our professionally trained and highly experienced plumbers offer. If our tests detect a large amount of microbes such as E.coli and bacteria, then we will recommend the installation of an ultraviolet water purifier—which our team can handle.

It’s not wise to toy around with the installation of a UV water treatment system on your own, since this kind of work requires precision. Once your UV water purifier is in place, you’ll need little by way of maintenance or repairs. In fact, it will perform its job without you even noticing it (aside, of course, from enjoying cleaner and healthier water).

Turn to Us for Comprehensive Water Quality Services

Although your UV water purifier should operate without problems for years to come, it does need occasional inspection. You may even need a repair every now and then. You can rely on our plumbers 24/7 to handle any emergencies with your water quality systems, too.

Frymire Home Services has been serving the Dallas, TX area for over 6 decades, and we look forward to showing you what we can do for you. We believe our customers deserve the best in plumbing and in water filtration services. Contact us today for more information about what we offer!

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