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Water Filtration Systems in Dallas, TX

When you turn on the water at your kitchen sink, do you feel comfortable taking a sip directly from the faucet? Have you done so, only to find that your water doesn’t taste good, or just seems “off”? Perhaps you’re put off by the cloudy appearance of your water. These are all signs that you need a professionally installed water filtration system in your Dallas, TX home.

Not all water quality issues can be resolved with a water filtration system, but you’ll find those that can will be quite efficient with the right system in place. Contact Frymire Home Services today to learn more, and let us help you live to “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

What Should You Look for in a Water Quality Company?

When you’re looking for a reputable company here in the Dallas, TX area to provide you with quality water filtration systems and services, you want to be able to rely on safe, healthy, and usable water. The success of your water filtration system depends largely on the quality of its installation.

For a job of this caliber, you want a company with a good reputation, proper licensing, and years of experience. You can rely on Frymire Home Services to do our best to get you the quality of water you want in your household.

Comprehensive Water Filtration Systems and Services in Dallas

If you’re at all concerned with the level of contaminants in your home’s water supply systems, then it will do you well to consider one of the water filtration systems we offer. They can be installed at the main water line or at any of the various fixtures in your home, such as your sink.

Selecting the right system is a critical step in providing your household with purified water. We offer a wide range of systems for homes and budgets of all sizes, to ensure the water that you’re using is depleted of any contaminants that can harm you or minerals that can harm your plumbing system.

Systems That Help Improve Your Water Quality

There are a number of water quality systems on the market today and it is not practical to assume that our customers have purchased and hired a helping hand for water testing services in the past. And while you may not need to utilize every single one of them to bring your water quality up to where it needs to be, you may find it beneficial to add one or more to your plumbing system. The systems we offer include:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems: For the best in water filtration, you might want to consider the installation of a reverse osmosis system. This is a highly effective and efficient method of removing contaminants from water.
  • UV Water Purifiers: UV water purifiers use the power of ultraviolet light, which is harmless to us but kills bacteria, to eliminate germs from your drinking and potable water.
  • Water Softeners: You’ve likely heard of hard water before. This is water that has excessive levels of the minerals calcium and magnesium in it. While these minerals are harmless for us to ingest, they do negatively impact your plumbing system and can affect your quality of life as well. A water softener resolves this issue.

You can also turn to the team at Frymire Home Services for expert water testing. This will determine which water quality system will best serve your household, keeping you, your family, and your plumbing system safe and healthy for the years to come.

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