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Slab Leak Repair in Dallas, Texas

Have you discovered water seeping up through your basement floor, foundation, or concrete patio? If so, you may have a slab leak. A slab leak typically starts small. So you may not notice it. However, it almost always turns into a big problem for your home. If you notice water leaking through your slab or foundation, contact Frymire Home Services. We offer professional slab leak repair in Dallas, Texas.

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When you contact Frymire Home Services, we’ll send a Texas-certified plumbing technician to inspect your home’s foundation. We can locate the water leak, determine the cause, and seal the slab to prevent further structural damage. Contact us today to schedule an in-home assessment and estimate for repair work. 

To schedule slab leak repair in Dallas, Texas, fill out our contact form or give us a call.

How Does a Slab Leak Occur?

Your home sits on a concrete foundation—this is called a “slab.” The foundation helps stabilize your property and protect it against erosion, among other issues. Several pipes relative to your plumbing systems, such as your main water and sewer lines, run under this slab, and a slab leak is when one of these pipes springs a leak.

When this occurs, it eventually filters up through the slab into your home. One of the first signs of a slab leak you’ll notice is a hot spot on your floor (slab leaks tend to occur most often with your hot water lines) or even water coming up into the home. The same thing causes slab leaks as any other plumbing leak—corrosion, external damage, etc. What makes them worse, however, is where they are located.

Signs of a Slab Leak

Though slab leaks are more difficult to detect than other types of plumbing leaks, there are signs that you can be aware of. As a homeowner, it is good to be mindful of the symptoms of a slab leak. The sooner you can call out a professional plumber, the less likely you will suffer extensive damage to your home.

Signs you may have a slab leak include:

  • You hear water running under your floors.
  • Carpets are damp or wet without an explanation.
  • You smell mold, mildew, or a general mustiness.
  • There are warm spots on your floor.
  • Floorboards are warped or buckling.
  • Your water pressure has decreased.
  • Water is pooling on the floor.
  • There is standing water around your home’s foundation.
  • Your water bill has spiked.

You can use your water meter to help you test if there is a slab leak. Turn off all plumbing fixtures and appliances. Then go and watch your water meter for 15 minutes. Your water meter will register whether any water was used during that time frame. If there was, this is an indication that you have a leak somewhere, and you should call for professional slab leak detection.

Why You Need Professional Slab Leak Repair

There are a couple of reasons why slab leaks are dangerous. First, they typically take a while to notice. It is because the leak is underneath your home, and most people aren’t going to notice something like this until they see water coming up from under their floors—which is, of course, not ideal since, by that point, a considerable amount of damage has already occurred.

You may be able to identify a slab leak by watching your water meter while all of the water appliances are turned off. However, most people don’t do that until they notice other symptoms; by then, it’s probably too late. The other problem with a slab leak is that without the right detection equipment, they’re hard to find to repair properly, which is why you need trained professionals on your side.

Call On Our Team for Slab Leak Repair in Dallas

The sooner you repair your slab leak, the less likely you’ll have to pay to fix water damage within your home. We provide a full range of slab leak services in Dallas, TX and beyond. Whether you want to schedule slab leak detection services or know already that you need slab leak repair, one of our service professionals can be out to help you quickly.

Remember, the longer you wait to address a slab leak—or any plumbing problem—the more water damage you could be dealing with. It’s better to be safe than sorry about your plumbing system. We’ll ensure that the pipes beneath your home are in good condition, and if you do have a slab leak, we can discuss your options following repair—for instance, if you’d like your pipes to be rerouted, so they are no longer beneath your slab, we can discuss repiping.

Schedule Slab Leak Repair in Dallas, Texas

Don’t let a water leak damage your home. Contact Frymire Home Services to inspect your home’s foundation. We offer professional slab leak repair in Dallas, Texas. Contact us today to get an in-home assessment and estimate. 

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