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Shower Repair in Dallas, TX

Your shower is supposed to be a place to relax, wash up, and enjoy yourself — not an annoyance that you have to fight every time you start it, not a useless pipe attached to your bathtub, and certainly not a source of constant leaks and potential water damage. And the longer you wait to resolve minor issues with your shower, the bigger they threaten to become.

Don’t wait. Contact Frymire Home Services today and schedule a visit from one of our trained technicians! You can reach us online or by dialing 469-346-4999. We look forward to hearing from you!

Parts That Might Need Repair

A shower is a relatively simple thing, but there are a lot of small parts that contribute to that simple whole. If you’ve noticed a problem with any of these parts, you might need to call a professional to help — the sooner the better, lest a small problem grow out of control and cost you big.

  • Showerhead. The part the water comes from. Repair it for function, replace it for a nice new shower experience.
  • Hot and cold pipes. Not getting hot water? Not getting cold water? You might have a problem in your supply pipes in the walls.
  • Valve. The various internal valves of your shower can cause all sorts of problems.
  • Strainer. The metal grate over your drain that prevents clog-inducing hair from going down it.
  • Pan. The bottom of your shower, the shaped insert that guides water down the drain.
  • Base. The structure beneath the pan, which your shower rests on.
  • Drains. Drainage problems can be quite serious, especially if the problem stems from your sewer line rather than the shower drain.

Consider an Upgrade

Want to transform your shower into something new and exciting? Just consider your options.

  • Change type. You can convert an existing shower to another type of shower; a walk-in, a stall, etc. You can even replace a tub with a shower.
  • Material change. Revitalize your shower with new materials; redo the tile walls, replace the floor, etc.
  • Fixtures. A new showerhead and knobs can transform the way your shower looks and the way it works.
  • Pan. Change your pan to completely change the landscape of your shower — and how it feels on your feet.
  • Custom upgrades. Have something in mind? Run it past our technicians and find out if it’s viable!

Why Choose Frymire Home Services?

Frymire has provided high-quality plumbing backed by excellent customer service to residents of Dallas and its neighboring areas for over 70 years. Our service professionals are expertly trained and appropriately certified to resolve all of your plumbing issues with a minimum of difficulty, time, or disturbance of your home.

We always take customer satisfaction seriously in every interaction, from your first call to schedule an appointment to the final cleanup before we leave.

Find out first hand by contacting Frymire today to schedule an appointment for shower service. You can reach us online or by dialing 469-346-4999. We service Dallas, TX, and all surrounding areas.

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