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Tree Root Infiltration Services in Dallas, TX

Most people don’t think about their sewers unless there’s a problem. Your sewer funnels water and waste from your sinks, toilets, and other drains into pipes that start in your walls and continue out under your house, where they generally hook up with the town sewer line. Modern sewer lines are made of strong metal composites or PVC. Older sewer lines are often made from outdated and more vulnerable materials such as cast iron, clay, or even wood.

What Is Tree Root Infiltration?

Over time, tree roots sharing real estate under your home with the sewer pipes eventually encroach and squeeze these pipes like slow yet terrifying pythons. This can cause cracks, bumps, corrosion, and more (and even the most modern sewer lines are not immune).

Read on to learn how and why trees infiltrate, what you can do to prevent or slow this problem, and how the professionals at Frymire can help.

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Tree Root Infiltration: Why It Happens

Unsurprisingly, tree roots like water. They also share the same underground apartment space with your water-carrying sewer lines, making them convenient neighbors. Tree roots can detect the condensation and moisture around your pipes and will grow toward them to absorb the moisture more efficiently. Other factors contributing to tree root infiltration include:

  • Storms or any other weather events causing the ground to shift
  • Cracks or corrosion in the pipes, making them more vulnerable to tree roots
  • Crowded underground real estate, lots of trees, and old pipes

Signs You Might Have a Tree Root Infiltration Problem

You should call in a professional if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Major clogs
  • Sluggish or slow-moving drains
  • Strange debris coming out of the showerhead or one of your faucets
  • Water bills that are higher than normal
  • New or unusually large roots growing close to your property
  • A sewer system over a decade old

Resolving a tree root infiltration is not a DIY job because sewer lines and the tree roots that ail them are often not visible from the surface. At Frymire Home Services, our technicians have specialized scopes, sensors, and other equipment on hand to find, diagnose, and fix the problem in the least invasive way possible.

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Call the Professionals at Frymire Home Services

It can be tempting to ignore subtle issues like slow drains or that new pine growing ridiculously fast in your backyard. But today’s cheap neglect is tomorrow’s five-figure repair bill, and we don’t want that for you. Frymire Home Services has been helping Dallas, Texas, and the surrounding communities resolve tree root infiltration since 1950. We value your satisfaction above all else. Call for the help you need today!

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Tree Root Infiltration FAQs

Will my homeowners insurance cover tree root infiltration?

Generally speaking, no. However, some providers offer coverage of this kind for an additional fee.

Who is responsible for root damage?

The prevailing rule is that if a tree or its roots is on your property (or under it), it’s your responsibility.

Are there DIY home remedies that can kill tree roots in sewer lines?

Many dubious sites suggest pouring copper sulfate, bleach, industrial salt, and other compounds down your drains to kill tree roots. Do NOT do this! These chemicals are harmful to your pipes and can cause even more damage than the roots!

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