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Sewer Line Repair in Dallas, TX

When your sewer line starts causing problems, they tend to be major ones. Think foul smells, toilets and tubs that won’t drain, pests creeping in and around your home — and those problems pale in comparison to the very real risk of serious water damage, cracked walls, shattered slabs, and more.

If you suspect even slightly that your sewer line is in need of service, contact Frymire Home Services immediately online or by dialing 972-620-3600 and set up an appointment. 

Signs Your Sewer Line Needs Repair

If any of these sounds familiar, you should call us as soon as possible to schedule a visit:

  • Sewer gas smells
  • Slow drainage throughout house
  • Increased pest activity in or around house
  • Signs of leaks or water damage
  • Yard disturbances such as fast-growing spots or puddles

If you think you might have a sewer line problem, resolving it sooner is going to save you a lot of headaches — and might spare you the cost of a full replacement. Contact Frymire Home Services today at 972-620-3600 or send us a message online.

Common Reasons for Sewer Lines to Need Repair

While there are countless reasons a sewer line may end up damaged, here are a few we’ve seen over and over:

  • Tree roots growing into line
  • Old lines rusting or accumulating internal buildup
  • Natural disasters damaging lines
  • Blockage due to flushing or running inappropriate substances down drains
  • Erosion from overuse of chemical plumbing liquids

Of course, we won’t know for sure what’s wrong with your sewer line until we take a look at it.

Sewer Line Repair Options

There are two primary ways to repair or replace a sewer line: trenchless methods and open-trench methods. Trenchless methods involve inserting devices through your pipes to repair them from the inside. Open-trench repairs, on the other hand, involve opening up your yard for direct access to pipes.

Trenchless methods are much less disruptive and costly, assuming minor repairs; a full trenchless replacement can be more complex, however, and may not be suitable for all yards or sewer lines.

How You Know Whether You Need Repair or Replacement

You might replace your sewer line if there is damage across a wide portion of it, making specific repairs difficult, impossible, or unreasonably expensive. You may also consider replacement if your pipes are older, and it seems likely for more problems to develop in the near future if you don’t go ahead with a new installation.

Why Choose Frymire Home Services?

Frymire Home Services offers institutional experience going back 70 years, over 10,000 user reviews for your perusal, and a firm dedication to sending the right people with the right tools to do the job the right way. Our experienced and trained technicians work with trained and experienced customer service personnel to make sure you’re as satisfied with every step of the process as you are with the final product.

Contact us today to schedule a visit to your Dallas-area home. You can reach out to us online, or dial 972-620-3600 to speak with someone now.


What is the average cost to repair a sewer line?

Costs vary depending on the technique used, accessibility, the length of the pipe, and other considerations.

Does homeowners insurance cover sewer line repair?

Standard homeowners insurance rarely covers it, but it’s available as an additional rider on many plans. Check with your insurance provider.

Can you patch a sewer line?

Certain forms of damage can be repaired with specialized patch kits, but only with certain types of pipe.

How long does trenchless sewer repair last?

The answer depends on what exactly is done during your repairs; some methods will last as long as a new pipe, 50 to 100 years.

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