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Main Water Line in Dallas, TX

At Frymire Home Services, we have highly trained and experienced service professionals on staff who are ready to provide prompt and dependable plumbing services of any kind, including main water line repair or replacement, throughout Dallas, TX and beyond. Whether you are facing a water line break, backup, or simply have a clogged drain, you can count on us to resolve it.

It’s important to remember that a plumbing job of this caliber is not something that should be left to a “do-it-yourselfer” to handle, nor should it be taken on by an amateur handyman. Our team will assess the problem with your main water line to determine if main water line replacement is the best option, or if you can get by with a repair. Contact us today and we’ll help you live with “A Higher Degree of Comfort.”

Signs Your Main Water Line Is in Trouble

It’s understandable if you have no clue whether or not you need main water line repair or replacement. That’s what we’re here for—to diagnose what’s going on with your plumbing system and resolve the problem as necessary.

There are, however, some relatively common signs you can watch out for that indicate that you do, in fact, have water line problems. We’ve highlighted them below:

  • Drop in Water Pressure: If you’re experiencing a clog or break in your water line, then you might notice a decline in your water pressure. Typically, if the problem is within your main water line, then all the faucets in your Dallas, TX home will display low water pressure. If you do notice this sign, be sure to call us for service right away!
  • Soggy Spots in Your Yard: Your main water line in Dallas, TX is buried in the ground, where it connects with the municipal water supply. If a leak or leaks have developed, then water will eventually start to seep into the dirt and head towards the surface. This will, understandably, create soggy areas or puddles throughout your yard. Don’t assume this is just from rain or a broken sprinkler head—be sure to take note of any unusual wet spots (and whether they’re smelly, as this is a sign of a sewer line break rather than the main water line), and then give us a call.
  • Discolored Water: Seeing a tinged or rusty looking color in your drinking and bathing water is never a good sign. If you notice this, first check to see if it’s only coming from the hot water taps, or if it’s coming from all your plumbing lines. If it is coming from only the hot water taps, then chances are very likely that you actually have a problem with your water heater, and not your main water line, after all.

The Importance of Professional Main Water Line Services

Not only does a job like this require following local and state codes, it also necessitates the professional expertise than can only come from extensive training, to ensure that the job is done right the first time. Therefore, it’s essential that you call an expert when it comes time to repair or replace your water line.

Our plumbers understand just how detrimental a plumbing problem can be, and that emergencies never happen at a “convenient” time. This is why we offer emergency services in addition to our traditional Dallas, TX plumbing services.

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