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Hydro Jetting Services in Dallas, Texas

Clean, free-flowing drains are the secret to avoiding common plumbing problems such as clogs, slow-moving drains, and even sewer line damage. At Frymire Home Services, we’re dedicated to providing our clients with the utmost preventive and proactive plumbing solutions, which is why we’re glad to say that we offer professional hydro jetting services to homeowners in Dallas and the surrounding areas.

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What Is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting, short for high-pressure water jetting, is a type of drain cleaning technique similar to drain snaking or using a pipe auger. Instead of a claw and mechanism, a hydro jetting system harnesses extremely high-pressure water, higher than a pressure washer, to cut through clogs that are lingering in a drain line and blast debris into the sewer system.

Signs You Need Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro jetting can be utilized as both a reactive and preventative service, either in response to a clog or to prevent clogs from forming. You may need drain cleaning and hydro jetting services if:

  • Water drains slowly from one or many drains in your home, such as sinks or showers
  • You experience frequent clogs in your toilets, sinks, or showers
  • Strange noises are coming from your drains. This could be gurgling, hissing, or knocking
  • There is a stubborn clog in your pipes that isn’t responding to plunging
  • There are strange odors coming from the drains in your home

When to Choose Hydro Jetting Over Other Services

Which service you choose depends heavily on what type of issue you’re facing and the type of plumbing you have in your home. It’s important to speak with an experienced local plumber about your plumbing needs, as we have the tools and knowledge needed to assess the issue and recommend the ideal course of action.

Hydro jetting is often the best choice if you’re dealing with:

  • Large amounts of scale and mineral accumulation in pipes
  • Frequent stubborn clogs, which indicate excessive debris that the jet can clear away
  • Clogging due to tree root intrusion — the jet cuts right through

Hydro Jetting Pros and Cons

For the most part, the service is cost-effective, very efficient, capable of dealing with a wide range of problems that can generate plumbing clogs, and environmentally friendly.

On the downside, jetting isn’t for all pipe types. Because of the huge amount of water pressure, older pipe systems may not be able to handle a hydro jet. Also, in some cases, a drain snake might be the better choice. Extremely dense clogs are better handled by a machined claw.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is essential for keeping your sewer lines and drains in good condition. We strongly recommend homeowners take a proactive stance with their drains and stay on top of maintenance because it can prevent severe problems from developing.

Preventative maintenance for your drains isn’t hard to do and takes just minutes to complete most tasks. In order to keep your drains in good condition, we recommend you perform the following tasks regularly:

  • Promptly clear out and clean any slow or clogged drains.
  • Inspect bare pipes and appliances for signs of water leaks.
  • Be very careful what you flush down the drain.
  • Test your water pressure and monitor fluctuations closely.
  • Have a professional plumber snake your drains annually.
  • Don’t plant trees and shrubbery near sewer lines.

These steps are highly effective at preventing damage to your drains. If you would rather have a professional perform these tasks, the team at Frymire Home Services can help. Our certified plumbers can perform these services and notify you of any problems we discover or any additional maintenance that would benefit your home’s plumbing system.

Would you like to learn more about the preventative maintenance steps you can take to protect your drains and sewer line? We invite you to contact the team at Frymire by calling 469-346-4999. We are happy to answer your questions and provide you the expert advice you can depend on.

Why Choose Frymire Home Services?

Frymire Home Services is dedicated to providing clients with ideal solutions, superior services, and quality workmanship that they can trust. If you need a hydro jetting professional, or you’re looking to schedule drain cleaning services, you can count on our commitment to the community, experience, and adherence to a higher standard of service.

Call 469-346-4999 to schedule hydro jetting in Dallas, Texas, or contact us online to set up an appointment!

Hydro Jetting FAQs

Is hydro jetting safe?

Hydro jetting is eco-friendly and safe for the vast majority of pipe systems. If the pipes in your home are very old or are otherwise damaged, then jetting might be too much for them.

Is hydro jetting worth it?

In nearly all cases, yes. Not only is it highly effective, but it also clears away soap scum, mineral deposits, roots, and grime from your pipes completely. This ounce of prevention pays you back big time over the years.

How long does hydro jetting take?

Hydro jetting typically takes about an hour to complete. It may take a little longer if there is more cleaning to do. In that case, it could take 90 minutes to two hours to clean the line. Before starting work, our drain cleaning professionals will give you an estimate, and when we’re done, we’ll provide you a full report outlining the services performed and the condition of your drains.

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