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Grand Prairie Plumbers

Knowing the number for a reliable plumber in Grand Prairie is vital for any homeowner. Since 1950, Frymire Home Services is the plumbing company Grand Prairie homeowners have called to get the job done right. From routine service to repairs and replacements, our plumbers will diagnose your problem promptly and begin administering the necessary repairs right away!

Contact Frymire today at 469-346-4999 or contact us online to get an estimate or schedule your home assessment from a team you can rely on! 

Our Services

We offer a wide variety of plumbing services and create custom packages for all of our home and facility visits. That way, your pipes will be free-flowing and performing perfectly through every use!

Grand Prairie Drain & Sewer Services

You rely heavily on your drain and sewer system to properly remove wastewater from your home every time. Scheduling regular cleanings keeps your pipes clear and your sewer performing properly so that you can avoid a disastrous backup or leak. From blockage and drain clearing to routine system flushes, the plumbing experts at Frymire have you covered.

Grand Prairie Sump Pump Services

A sump pump is a small pump that is installed over a drain at the lowest point in your basement. It pumps out any water that collects there to prevent the basement from flooding. We offer new sump pump system installation as well as repair services and replacements whenever necessary!

Grand Prairie Water Heater Services

Perhaps one of the most overlooked mechanisms in your home is your water heater. However, you use your water heater daily and that wear and tear can take a toll. Our expert technicians are trained in all models of water heaters, from tank systems to tankless water heaters and even heat pump models. Whether you are in need of repairs, a replacement or even a simple performance test, Frymire is the team for the job. If you are in the market for a new water heater for your home, we will help you find the best option for reliable performance that lasts.

Grand Prairie Water Filtration Systems

Crystal clear, drinkable water ought to flow gently from your tap whenever you turn it on. If you find cloudy or strange-tasting water in your glass instead, it may be time to install or replace your water filtration system. At Frymire, we provide a range of top-quality filtration solutions and will find the best fit for your home.

Grand Prairie Emergency Plumbing Services

When disaster strikes, you need to know a plumber you can trust right away. Is it after hours for most service companies? Not to worry! We offer 24-hour emergency repair services in Grand Prairie. No matter the time, the plumbing and filtration specialists at Frymire come fully equipped to swiftly address any situation and get your plumbing back on track.

Contact Frymire for Local Plumbing Services

Rest easy knowing your home in Grand Prairie is in the hands of the experts when you call Frymire for your plumbing needs. We offer a variety of services from heating and cooling to plumbing and drain services. We will see to it that all of your home service needs are handled with the utmost care.

Give us a call at 469-346-4999 or click here to contact us today about what the Frymire team can do for you!


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