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Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

Enjoy Endless Hot Water With Noritz Tankless Water Heaters

At Frymire Home Services, we proudly offer Nortiz tankless water heaters to our clients in Dallas, Texas. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tankless systems, Noritz has over 70 years of experience designing, building, and improving tankless technologies.

If you want to enjoy savings of more than 40% on your energy bills without sacrificing comfort or convenience, then Noritz is a brand you want to take a close look at as you consider upgrading your home’s heating and cooling systems.

Contact Frymire Home Services at 469-346-4999 to speak with our HVAC experts about the many advantages you can enjoy with Noritz in your home (including endless hot water)!

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Installation

Our plumbers can install tankless water heaters in any home or business. They can be positioned in bathrooms, kitchens, garages, and more. Our team will help you determine the best placement for your system and perform the necessary installation quickly and efficiently.

The installation process is usually straightforward. We’ll remove your existing water heater, test and prepare your water and gas lines, position your new tankless water heater, connect the wires, hoses, and pipes, then prepare the vent and test the system for function.

Contact Frymire Home Services at 469-346-4999 for more about installing a tankless water heater in your home or business in Dallas, Texas.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Repair

Tankless systems are strong and sturdy, but they’re not indestructible. Over time, even the best-built Noritz system may experience a component failure or system malfunction. When that happens, our teams are ready to answer your call for service.

We maintain a complete inventory of components for Noritz systems and many others. This lets us respond promptly to your needs and deliver the reliable repairs you require.

Contact Frymire Home Services at 469-346-4999 to schedule service or repairs for your tankless water heater systems in Dallas.

Noritz Tankless Water Heater Replacement

Tankless water heaters are strong and reliable, and with proper care and maintenance, they’ll deliver 20 years or more of reliable operation. As your system ages and reaches the end of its serviceable life span, we’ll help you select the ideal replacement.

We’ll work with you to review your options and go over the features and benefits of Nortiz tankless water heater systems and competing systems.

Contact the HVAC experts at Frymire by calling 469-346-4999 to learn more about our tankless water heater replacement services.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install a Noritz tankless water heater?

In most cases, it takes less than a few hours from start to finish to complete the installation. Our teams will inspect your home and provide an estimate based on the necessary installation procedures.

Do tankless systems really deliver endless hot water?

Absolutely! The design allows the tankless system to adjust its operation based on your demand. This means you can run the dishwasher, take a hot shower, do the laundry, and more without worrying about running out of hot water.

Can tankless systems be integrated with smart home technology?

Many newer systems are compatible with smart home systems. We’ll help you select the system that works best with your infrastructure so you can enjoy the convenience and cost savings these technologies deliver.

Are Noritz tankless systems safer?

Yes, they are safer. They won’t spill water if a leak forms, and they won’t facilitate legionella outbreaks or leak carbon monoxide into the home.

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