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UV Light Air Purifiers in Dallas, Texas

Clean, healthy indoor air is something we all want, but our modern closed-loop HVAC systems and insulated homes can sometimes make fresh air a challenge. At Frymire Home Services we feel that everyone deserves a comfortable home, and we’re happy to offer leading solutions to the troubles of modern home indoor air quality like our UV light air purifier systems.

Are you looking for cleaner home air, free of mold, allergens, and VOCs? Call today to find out more about UV air purifiers, or contact us online for a consultation! 

What Is a UV Air Purifier?

Like most air quality systems, UV air purifiers seek to eliminate harmful pollutants and pathogens from home air. UV systems do this differently than most, however, by harnessing UV-C radiation. Typically installed in your ducts near the main indoor HVAC unit, UV-C lamps shine an antimicrobial light on air as it passes through. This light is safe for humans, but harmful for simplistic or single-cell organic cells, making UV-C ideal for completely destroying mold, many bacteria, allergens, odors, and more.

UV Air Purifiers vs. Ionization Purifiers and Air Filters

There are tons of air quality systems on the market. Not only do they all operate slightly differently, but many of them focus on solving different air quality challenges, as no two structures, or their problems, are the same.

Ionization purifiers are a very different type of IAQ system. By pushing out ionized air, the system charges small particulate matter like dust and pet dander. Charging these particles makes them heavier, and eventually leads to them adhering to surfaces where they can be wiped away.

Both get particles out of your air, but UV air purifiers win out in many cases for two major reasons:

  1. UV air purifiers seek to eliminate and kill pollutants, rather than just knocking them down. This makes them very strong against mold spores, common tree and ragweed pollens, and bacteria.
  2. There are far more ozone-free and low-ozone options in UV air purifiers, making them notably safer for your family.

If you were to ask our indoor air quality experts, we most highly recommend installing a UV air purifier system, and updating the air filters you use in your home. This way you block pollutants and organic compounds, and also ensure dust and dander stay controlled in your home!

Benefits of Installing UV Air Purifiers

Setting up a new UV-C light air purifier in your home offers a slew of notable benefits, including:

  • Cleaner and healthier indoor air
  • A better smelling home
  • Reduced presence of allergy triggers indoors
  • Mold presence reduction and mildew prevention

Frymire installs UV Light Model: 4900UVZ & Replacement Bulb Model: FHS745UV.

What Protections Do UV Air Purifiers Offer?

As we mentioned, IAQ products and systems all aim to solve different pain points for home and business owners. When we’re talking about UV light air purifiers, you’re gaining a powerful defense against:

  • Mold spores
  • VOCs
  • Common household bacteria
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites

Why Choose Frymire Home Services for UV Air Purifier Installation?

Our indoor air quality specialists have the training, experience, and product knowledge needed to help you in selecting the ideal air quality solution for your home and family. We strongly believe that everyone deserves not only comfort but health. That’s why we aim to put our expertise to work for you, offering superior product installations and maintenance.

Schedule UV air purifier installation by reaching out online. You can also call 469-346-4999 to discuss your air quality needs with an IAQ contractor today! 

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