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HVAC Services in St. Paul, TX

When you need heating, cooling, or other ventilation services in the St. Paul area, you want prompt, professional service. The well-trained, friendly technicians at Frymire Home Services are ready to serve you.

Since 1950, we’ve earned a reputation for reliable, effective HVAC services in St. Paul. We have the skills and experience to get the job done right, from repair and maintenance to replacement or installation.

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Cooling Services in St. Paul, TX

When the air conditioner starts misbehaving in the middle of a Texas summer, you need fast service you can count on to get things back to normal without a lot of fuss or delay. We offer a full selection of cooling services to residents of the area, including:

Air Conditioning Repair

Air conditioner acting strangely, driving up your bills, or not working at all? Our team will quickly identify the root of the problem and put together a solution that will have your home cool and comfortable again in no time.

Air Conditioning Installation & Replacement

Time for a new air conditioner? Whether you’re installing central air for the first time or replacing an aging unit, we’ll help you find the best unit for your home and install it right, so you’ll get the best performance, reliability, and efficiency out of it.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Before the hottest months of the year, make sure you have our team by for a service visit. Regular professional maintenance is crucial if you want to keep your energy costs down, minimize your risk of breakdowns and malfunctions, extend your unit’s service life, and keep performance close to its peak.

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Heating Services in St. Paul, TX

The Texas winter may not be as consistently intense as the Texas summer, but it deserves respect all the same. When the temperatures drop, you’ll be glad you have a furnace in good working order — or the phone number of a team that can get it back to normal fast.

Our heating services include:

Heating Repair

Is your heating system blowing cool air or no air at all? Strange sounds or smells or high heating bills? Contact us for prompt repairs and long-lasting solutions.

Heating Installation & Replacement

Need a new heating system installed? No matter what sort of unit you’re looking to install or replace, we’ll help you narrow your options to the best possible models for your needs and install them perfectly according to best practices and manufacturer guidelines.

Heating Maintenance

When the temperatures start to drop, make sure you have a tune-up visit to ensure everything is working efficiently, effectively, and safely — and to make sure your system won’t have an unpleasant breakdown on a cold night.

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Systems We Service

Each homeowner requires different solutions to meet their needs. At Frymire, we work with a wide selection of HVAC equipment. Our technicians can repair, install, or tune-up your system, whether you have a heat pump, ductless mini-split, or another HVAC system.

Central Air Conditioners

Your standard whole-home central air conditioner with an air handler and ductwork is still standard equipment in most homes in St. Paul, and we’ll be glad to service yours.

Ductless Systems

Do you have a  ductless system, or are you interested in switching to one? We can install and maintain this cutting-edge technology, save space in your home, set up multi-zone climate control, and more!

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a great way to keep your home warm efficiently during a mild winter or keep you cool during a sweltering summer. These systems are on par with the most efficient modern air conditioners. You can rely on our team for all your heat pump service needs in St. Paul.


When it comes to on-demand heat with no fuss or delay when the temperature drops, you can’t argue with a furnace. We service a variety of furnaces in the Dallas area, including gas and electric units.

Dual Fuel Systems

Want the energy efficiency of a heat pump when it’s a bit chilly and the intense power and superior efficiency in freezing temperatures a gas furnace can offer? A dual fuel system provides the best of both worlds for the savvy homeowner. We’ll be glad to help you get set up or keep one in excellent working order!

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Indoor Air Quality Services

Keeping your indoor air free of pollutants is essential to your health, your energy efficiency, your comfort, and even whether you have pests or water damage in your home.

Frymire Home Services can help you find the best combination of tools, services, and equipment to meet your indoor air quality needs, including duct cleaning, ventilators, humidifiers and dehumidifiers, and filtration and purification systems.

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