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Why Won’t My Furnace Turn On?

Temperatures are finally low enough that you’ve decided to fire up the central heater. You go to the thermostat, turn up the heat, and wait…and nothing happens. You may become worried that your furnace is completely broken down and needs to be replaced. Of course, this is a possibility, but there could be a number of reasons a furnace would fail to start or turn on after a cycle.

To know the problem with certainty, you would have to reach out to a team that is trained in diagnosing furnace troubles. If you live in Dallas, that’s Frymire Home Services! In any case, read on to get a better idea of what may be the trouble. It could even be something you can fix on your own!

The Circuit Breaker

The first place to check when your furnace shows no signs of powering on? The electrical panel. Yes, even a gas furnace has electrical components, including most modern ignition systems, so a lack of electricity will keep the fan from powering on and the system from starting up in the first place!

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

Homeowners often feel embarrassed when we show up for a furnace repair only to tell them that the thermostat was not set properly, and that is what caused the trouble! Hey, it happens, but we highly recommend checking and double-checking the thermostat before you call. Someone may have turned the thermostat into cooling mode, vacation settings might have been activated, or else the thermostat may be turned off entirely.

Delayed Start-Up

Are you sure the furnace is not starting up? We’ve heard of people setting the thermostat, waiting a minute to notice a response, and then calling technicians because they believed the furnace was broken. It may just have to do with the standard time delay that occurs with any furnace.

You won’t hear the fans start running the moment you turn on the thermostat in your home. The air plenum has to heat up before the fan will turn on. The flame sensor must detect a flame to keep the furnace running. Only after a minute or two of starting will you notice the furnace running.

Safety Switches

Now on to the more serious issues that can cause a furnace to shut off. One potential reason the furnace won’t turn on is if a safety switch is malfunctioning (or functioning just fine!). The safety switches in your furnace are designed to stop the system from running in case of any major safety risk.

Ignition Failure

Another common problem has to do with the ignition switch. If you have a standing gas pilot, you may just have to relight it. Otherwise, electric ignition systems, common on many modern gas furnaces, can fail to start for any number of reasons.

Motor Failure

Trouble with the fan motors will stop the furnace from running, as will any other electrical issue within the furnace. All in all, this is something that would be difficult for the average homeowner to detect. You’ll have to call in technicians to diagnose such issues so that you can get started making repairs.

For furnace services in Dallas, TX, contact Frymire Home Services: A Higher Degree of Comfort.

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