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Save More Money With Regular Maintenance

Save More Money With Regular Maintenance

Did you forget to have your maintenance done at the beginning of the fall or winter? If you’ve made it this far without a repair issue, then we’re happy for you. However, we also can’t ignore the fact that your system may have been performing less efficiently during that time. In other words, you may have been paying more than was necessary!

While many homeowners think that maintenance is nothing more than a preventive service, they would be missing out on the larger picture. As it turns out, maintenance is the best way to save your money throughout the lifespan of your furnace.

Save Money With Higher Efficiency

Regular maintenance isn’t necessarily about preventing your heater from experiencing serious repair issues. If you’re already in a routine of receiving regular maintenance, the need for repairs will be drastically minimized. In that case, it’s all about keeping your efficiency as high as possible.

Just because your heater is not screeching or behaving erratically does not mean that it’s in perfect condition. Minor issues inside your heater can all contribute to inefficiency without your knowledge. By remaining proactive about these problems, your energy bills should be staying low.

Spend Less on Wildly Expensive Repairs

But if we’re assuming you’re not getting maintenance regularly? The possibility of your heater suffering a repair issue is much more likely. Regular wear and tear, multiplied by time, will eventually result in something breaking down or wearing out.

When that time comes, there’s no telling what the issue will be. If you’re using a heat pump, your compressor could be badly damaged—a problem that is often best fixed by replacing the entire unit. That’s not a cost you want to pay out of nowhere! The issue could also be something much smaller, but why take the risk?

Avoid Costly Disasters

Although natural gas furnaces are safely used every day with very few incidences, neglecting maintenance for them is flirting with disaster. Sometimes, these accidents can cost more than just money:

  • Gas Leaks: Can put your home and family in danger of gas leak explosions.
  • Carbon Monoxide Leak: A cracked heat exchanger or clogged flue can flood the home with deadly carbon monoxide gas.
  • House Fires: A malfunctioning furnace can spread fire outside of the combustion chamber if it isn’t receiving proper airflow.

While these problems are particular to gas furnaces, keep in mind that any system that generates heat can be dangerous if not maintained properly. If you have any doubts about your system, don’t be afraid to call a Fort Worth HVAC company.

Save With a Maintenance Program

If you’re looking for an affordable way to stay on top of your maintenance, our Home Comfort Club offers one of the least expensive maintenance programs out there. For a small monthly fee, you’ll receive priority service, discounts, extended warranties, and more—it even includes the maintenance visits.

Did you forget to schedule maintenance this season? It’s not too late! Contact Frymire Home Services today to schedule a service.

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