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Late Summer Stress on an AC Can Mean Trouble

Late Summer Stress on an AC Can Mean Trouble

Summer heat doesn’t let up in August and September—and in Texas it can often get worse. This is the “danger zone” for home air conditioning systems, because they’ve already put in steady cooling work since late spring and are now trying to keep houses comfortable in some of the harshest conditions. Now is when people are most likely to encounter the need for air conditioning repairs.

The Danger of Failed Capacitors

One of the big concerns for an air conditioner during a heat wave is its capacitors. These are important electrical components, but they are also temporary components that will wear out eventually, usually before the AC needs to be replaced. Capacitors are responsible for sending voltage to motors powering the compressor and fans, and when capacitors fail, the AC won’t be able to provide cooling.

High temperatures lower capacitors’ ability to hold electrical charges. When this starts to happen, the capacitors make a clicking sound as they try to work. When you hear this sound at AC startup, it’s a good idea to call for technicians to replace the capacitors. (Don’t try a capacitor replacement yourself, as you may receive a high voltage shock.)

The Dirty Outdoor and Indoor Coils

The evaporator and condenser coils are where an air conditioner draws heat from inside a home and releases it outside. If either coil has a layer of dust, dirt, or grime along it, it will be less effective at its job, leading to a drop in indoor cooling and a loss of efficiency. Dirt is especially a problem with the outdoor coil after a long summer, and you may need professionals to detach the coil and clean it with special chemicals.

The Overstrained Blower Fan

The blower fan motor draws on a large amount of electricity to run, and the motor can be in danger of overheating in late summer. This will often cause a circuit breaker in the electrical panel to trip. If this starts to happen on a regular basis, it’s time for you to call an HVAC technician to investigate the AC and locate the problem.


This is when your air conditioner’s compressor doesn’t complete a full cooling cycle, but instead runs for a short time and then turns off, only to turn back on a short time later. There are a range of different problems that can cause short-cycling, and these include excess wear and tear on the compressor. Don’t keep running the air conditioner if it’s short-cycling, since it not only warns of other problems, it places enormous stress on the components and can quickly create other repair troubles—or even a burnt-out compressor.

Frymire has the air conditioning repair experts in North Dallas, TX you’re looking for to help your ailing AC. Our job is not complete until we are 100% satisfied with the quality of work we’ve delivered—it’s that simple. Customer loyalty is essential to us, which is why we go above and beyond to see you have the finest work possible.

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