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It’s Still Not Too Late for Heating Maintenance

Yes, winter is in full swing and we are sure you have more than enough going on and we don’t want to add anything onto your “To-Do” list. If anything, we are bringing up heating maintenance because we want to make sure you can avoid having to add more tasks to your calendar later on. After all, scheduling HVAC maintenance in Fort Worth, TX is always going to be a better alternative than needing to reach out for heating repairs.

You may not be entirely enthralled with the idea of having someone come to your home to do a maintenance check-up on your heater. Especially because that might mean you would need to turn your heater off for a little while. Well, because we strongly believe that maintenance is vital to the long-term operation of your HVAC system, we want you to know why a tune-up is absolutely worth your time, even if it is late in the year.

What Happens During a Maintenance Check-Up?

When you have a technician come by to give your heating system a once-over, they do much more than just make sure everything is okay on the outside. Along with making sure your heater is clean and clear of soot, dirt, and other residue, a professional technician will also clean or replace your filter, search for and address loose parts, or replace parts that are broken and even on their way out.

Altogether, a maintenance appointment is a great way to keep your furnace in good working order for a lot longer. But we want to dive into the benefits a little more than that.

How Does Maintenance Help My Heater?

There are several benefits resulting from a maintenance check that you should know about:

  • Energy Efficiency: When you get yearly maintenance, your heating unit should operate with improved energy efficiency.
  • Increased Lifespan: Your heater is likely to last between 10 to 15 years but with maintenance, it is likely that it will run well up to or (in a few cases) beyond the 15-year mark. This means you can go a lot longer without needing a replacement system.
  • Fewer Repairs: When you have a technician check your system and take care of loose or broken parts ahead of time, it saves you the trouble that comes with that issue worsening into a repair need.
  • Lower Bills: Fewer repairs, better energy efficiency, and a delayed replacement all add up to you saving quite a bit of cash thanks to one low-cost yearly appointment.

Late Is Better Than Never; Call Today!

We hope we have you excited about how beneficial maintenance can be for your HVAC heating system. If you are wondering whether it is too late for a maintenance check we can assure you that it isn’t. Late maintenance is forever and always better than no maintenance.

The key detail to remember is this: when it comes to your HVAC system, you should always contract the services of a trained professional like the ones on the team at Frymire Home Services.

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