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Finding the Right Types of Air Filters For Your Home

You want better air quality for your house. You’ve read the startling facts about how bad the indoor air quality in many homes is—often three to four times worse than the air outdoors. You plan to do something about it, and that means starting with air filters for the HVAC system. You know the air filter on your HVAC cabinet doesn’t do much for indoor air quality, since it’s there to protect the interior of the AC and furnace. You need to find great IAQ filters.

How do you do that? Here’s one answer: don’t try to do it on your own! Rely on an HVAC company in Coppell, TX to select the right filters and then install them.

The Tricky Part About Finding Air Filters

The reason we recommend you don’t shop for air filters on your own is because any air filtration system must be matched to the home’s needs as well as its HVAC system. There is no “one filter fits all” filtration system! Filters can handle different types of contaminants. Most important, they have different strengths.

The measure of how efficient a filter is at stopping pollutants is MERV, which stands for minimum efficiency reporting value. It’s a federal standard, and all filters will come with MERV clearly marked. MERV ratings range from 1 to 20, with 1 being the basic plastic filters found in a window AC and 20 being the filters used for clean rooms in tech buildings and hospitals. The filters that will work in your home will fall around the middle range, from 8 to 14.

Obviously, a filter must be efficient enough to trap the particles circulating through the air. But a filter that has too tight a weave and too high efficiency isn’t helpful either. Yes, the filter may stop the pollutants you need stopped, but it will also stop airflow through the ventilation system. When a filter starts to choke off airflow, it will increase pressure in the ventilation system and force the blower to do extra work. It also reduces comfort, since less air is getting through the ducts to reach room vents. Even the most powerful HVAC system for a residential home can’t handle a filter with MERV higher than 14.

Don’t guess at what type of filter matches your household. Let our experts do the hard work. Not only will we locate the right strength and type of filter, we’ll handle the installation so it will do the exact job you need from it. If your air has particles that can get through the most powerful filter that works with your home, we can install an air purifier along with the filtration system. The right pairing of filters and purifiers can remove more than 99% of the unwanted pollutants circulating through your house.

We offer comprehensive air purifier services and install many types of air filters. Schedule an appointment with us to find out how we can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

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