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The Whole Family Benefits From A Zone Control System

Can an air conditioner be family-friendly? Beyond the normal use of having it cool your home, you’d probably never think of an AC in that way. However, with a zone control system, you can turn it into a device that considers the needs of everyone in your family.

Not only that, there are various benefits that will keep the energy costs down, too. Who doesn’t love saving money?

Just What is a Zone Control System?

With your basic central HVAC setup, you can only cool or heat the entire home. A zone control system, in short, is how you can take your central air from “all or nothing” to “as needed.” With individual thermostats installed in each room and with a set of electronic dampers added to the existing ductwork, you can substantially upgrade the functionality of your central air conditioning system in Arlington, TX.

Everyone Can be Happy

Do you have that one person in the house who’s always warm, no matter how cold the air conditioner is? And then in winter, when you’re using the heater, the heat is “just right” for them only when everyone else is freezing. No matter how you slice it, you’re always going to have people in the house who respond to temperature differently, and this can be unpleasant for them (or everyone else).

A zone control system helps end this problem by allowing individual control for each room. Simply adjust the thermostat in that room and the system will do the rest for you. Everyone can get comfortable in their rooms at the temperature that makes sense for them.

Individual, Schedule Usage

With individual room control comes a new way of savings previously impossible with your basic central HVAC system. The occupants of each room can have their air flow programmed according to their own work and life schedules, meaning they won’t have to worry about leaving it on throughout the day by accident.

Plus, for those rooms of the house that are unoccupied, you simply don’t have to run the air to those rooms. It’s very rare that every room in the house will need the full power of your HVAC system, so even if you have a full house, you will still most likely benefit from individual controls.

Get Rid of Hot Spots

Hot spots are those unfortunate parts of the house that always seem warmer than everywhere else, even with the air conditioner at full blast. Typically they’re on the second floor, where the heat rises, or on sides of the house where the sun hits the most.

Even more unfortunate is that you or a family member might live in one of these rooms, and they’ll never be able to get relief without making everyone else suffer in the cold. Plus, it’s not good for your efficiency to adjust the entire system for just one room. As you would expect, however, a zone control system is perfect for dealing with hot spots.

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