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All About Going Ductless for Air and Heat

Adding ducts takes time and effort that may not be worth it to you, especially when there are other options for heating and cooling. And when you have a ductless heating and air conditioning system, it’s just as comfortable and efficient as central air and heat!

You’ll need no major renovations

One major draw of going ductless is that no major renovations are needed in order to get the equivalent of central air and heat. Ductless systems consist of two halves. There’s the outdoor compressor unit—just like the outdoor unit of a central AC—and the indoor blowers. You can mount several blowers up in various rooms in the home, depending on your needs.

The two components do need to be linked. However, this involves drilling only a small hole into the wall to feed through the refrigerant line and the electrical components.

Ductless heat pumps provide heat and air

Ductless units can provide only air conditioning, but most ductless systems are actually heat pumps. A heat pump is a system that provides heating and air conditioning in one—all by using refrigerant. Refrigerant moves heat out of the air in the home in the summer to keep you cool, and it moves heat into the home in the winter by absorbing it from the outdoor air.

Heating and AC are both highly efficient

Air conditioning efficiency of ductless systems rivals the efficiency of many air conditioning systems—especially if you choose a system with a high SEER rating. Heat pump efficiency for heating is higher than most other electric systems because moving heat requires less energy than generating heat.

No need to worry about leaky ducts

Ducted systems are prone to air leaks, with most systems losing about 20-30% of the air that is generated to the ducts. That means a huge efficiency loss in most homes—something you won’t have to worry about with a ductless system. This increases its efficiency even more!

A thermostat in every room

With a ductless system, you’ll have a thermostat in every room of the home. That means that, if one person does not want the temperature so cold, they can go into a separate room and keep the temperature where they want it. No more bickering about thermostat settings!

Are there any downsides?

People often think ductless systems are supposed to be inexpensive, or relatively so, like a window air conditioner or a portable unit. This simply isn’t the case. Ductless systems are designed to be highly efficient, sized just right for a home, and they have a long lifespan. You should expect to pay around the same price or a bit more what you would for central air conditioning and heating, but it’s worth it for what you gain!

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