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Don’t Let Dust Ruin Your Air Quality

Does it feel like you’re constantly dusting off your shelves and tables? Is it triggering your allergy and asthma symptoms? Cleaning the home is a job that will never end, of course, but we’re not going to ignore the common complaint that we hear from homeowners:

“Why does my home seem so dusty lately?”

The answer to that question often has to do with your HVAC system. As much as we love our HVAC systems, they do have some flaws that allow them to collect and recirculate dust.

We can’t prevent dust from entering your home any more than you can, but there’s a surprising number of things you can do to prevent dust from endlessly circulating in your home.

Start With Duct Cleaning

Imagine taking a shower and then immediately jumping back into a pair of dirty clothes. That’s kind of what it’s like when you clean your home without cleaning the air ducts.

It’s said that the average home collects nearly 40 pounds of dust annually. Of course, you never actually see that amount of dust because you’re always wiping it up. But the same cannot be said for the fraction of that dust that ends up inside your air ducts.

Ducts are out of sight and out of mind, so it’s not surprising that many homeowners wait several years to have their air ducts cleaned out. With the right tools and the right techniques, an indoor air quality expert in North Dallas, TX can help reduce the amount of dust in your home with a thorough duct cleaning.

Then Try Changing the HVAC Air Filters

Your air filter is supposed to keep dust and dirt from interfering with your HVAC system’s components. On the other hand, a dirty air filter might be exactly what’s causing your dust problems in the first place!

The solution is always to replace your air filter when appropriate. For most homes and for most brands of filters, that means once roughly every three months.

An air filter in its prime will effectively capture dust and dirt, but once it’s too full, it won’t be able to hold much more. Not only will this result in more dust floating around in your home, but it can also bring serious damage to your HVAC system.

Consider Air Filters Specifically for Air Quality

As we said earlier, there’s little anyone can do about the amount of dust entering your home. Whether it’s because of a windy season or simply because of the environment outside of your home, you might have to deal with excess dust and dirt. The way to combat that, however, is by setting up your home with the right air filtration systems.

Unlike an air filter for your HVAC system, these kinds of air filters are designed specifically to keep contaminants out of your airspace. Depending on what size and type of contaminants are floating in your airspace, you’ll need the right kind of filter to match it. That’s something that an HVAC contractor can easily help you find out, however.

To learn more about how HVAC services can keep your home free from dust, contact Frymire Home Services today.

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